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Wang Liancheng
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Taishan   ScholarSenior Member of IEEEMember of PSRC

Personal message


Liancheng   Wang



Date   of Birth



Dezhou, Shandong

Professional   Title





0531-8868   9825




2015– Shandong University, Visiting   Professor;

2011– Shandong Hising Power Tech Co. Ltd,   General manager;

2004–Grid Sentinel Inc. Founder/CEO;

1996-2004 ABB (USA) Senior Engineer,   Technical Director;

1992-1995 Clemson University, USA, PhD degree;

1986-1991 Shandong Polytechnic University,   Lecturer;

1983-1986 Shandong Polytechnic University, Master   of Engineering;

1979-1983Shandong   Polytechnic University, Bachelor Degree of Engineering.

Research Direction

Application of big data in   power grid operation and management, Distribution network automation system;   Relay protection; Fault diagnosis, fault line selection, fault location,   power demand side management and demand response.


1.Using Automated Fault Analysis System   to Improve Reliability and Efficiency, Distributech, 2010.

2.Advanced Fault Location and Fault   Visualization System, NASPI, 2009.

3.An Automated Fault Location System as   a Decision Support Tool for System Operators, 61st Annual Conference for   Protective Relay Engineers, April, 2008.

4.Protective Relaying Theory and   Applications, Marcel Dekker, 2004.

5.High-Speed Microprocessor Distance   Relaying  for Transmission Lines, 56th Annual Protective Relaying   Conference, Atlanta,  GA, May 1-3, 2002.

6.Pilot Protective Relaying, Marcel Dekker,   2000

7.Line Current Differential Relaying,   26th Annual Western Protective Relay Conference, Spokane, Washington,   October 26-28, 1999.

8.Frequency Response of Phasor-based   Microprocessor Relaying Algorithms, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol.    13, 1998.

9. L Wang, AA Girgis, A New Method for   Power System Transient Instability Detection, IEEE Transactions on Power   Delivery, Vol. 12, July 1997.

10.L Wang, AA Girgis, On-line Detection of   Power System Voltage Instabilities, IEEE  Transactions on Power Systems,   Vol. 11, No. 3, August 1996.

11.Placement and Control of Static Var   Compensator for the  Improvement of Power System Voltage Profile, EPRI   Conference on Flexible AC  Transmission Systems, Baltimore, Maryland,   October, 1994.


1. Research on Intelligent Scheduling Assistant Decision System and   Intelligent Fault Diagnosis and Real-time Positioning System Based on EMSTechnology Project of State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company2011-2013.

2. Automated Transmission Line Fault Location USA Pacific Gas &   Electric (PG&E) R&D Project, 2009-2011.

3. Web-based Automated Relay Protection Fault AnalysisUSA Consolidated   Edison (Con Ed) R&D Project, 2005-2008.

4. Integration of Fault Location Functionality with the TVA Monitoring   SystemEPRI R&D Project, 2005-2007.


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