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Zou Liang
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Institute of High Voltage and Insulation Technology


Postgraduate   Tutor, IEEE Member, Member of the Chinese   Institute of Electrical Engineering, Vice chairman of the Youth Committee of   Shandong laboratory equipment and technology society, Member of the Youth   Federation of Shandong University

Personal message


Zou Liang



Date   of Birth



Laiwu,   Shandong

Professional   Title

Associate   professor







2015.09-Present.Associate   professor, School of electrical engineeringShandong University

2018.04-Present. Vice chairman, Youth Committee of Shandong   laboratory equipment and Technology Society

2011.12-2013.12.   Postdoctoral Fellow of control science and engineering mobile station,   Shandong University

2011.12-2015.08.Lecturer,   School of electrical engineering, Shandong University

2007.09-2011.11.Ph.D.   in high voltage and insulation technology,School of electrical   engineering,Shandong University.

2000.09-2004.06.Bachelor   of engineering, School of electrical engineering, Shandong University


Lecture   courses   Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering (High Voltage) ,Earthing technology of   power system

Research Direction

Mainly   engaged in high voltage and insulation technology, computational high   voltage, high voltage electromagnetic equipment magnetization modeling   theory, power system fault current limiting technology, low temperature   plasma and its application of scientific research work.


[1]Liang Zou, Jiale Wu, Zhiyun   Han, et al. Influence of the External and Internal Factors on SaturationMagnetization   Process for Nanocrystalline Alloy[J]. IEEE Transactions on magnetics, 2018, 54(10):7205708.

[2]Rongzhao Jia, Liang Zou*, Tong Zhao, et al.   Experimental study on inactivation of Escherichia coli by atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasma   combined with photocatalysis[J]. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 2018

[3]韩智云, 邹亮*, 辛喆, . 直流GIL绝缘子环氧树脂/碳纳米管复合涂层关键物理性能的分子动力学模拟[J]. 电工技术学报, 2018

Zhiyun Han,Liang Zou*,Zhe Xin, Tong Zhao, Li Zhang,et al. Molecular Dynamics Simulation of   Vital Physical Properties of

Epoxy/Carbon Nanotube Composite Coatings on DC GIL   Insulators[J].Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society,2018

韩智云, 邹亮*, 伍珈乐, . 外部和内部因素对纳米晶合金kHz级饱和磁化过程影响的微磁学分析[J]. 电工技术学报, 2018

Zhiyun Han,Liang Zou*,Jiale Wu,et al.Micromagnetic Analysis of External and Internal Impact Factors on   kHz Level Saturation Magnetization for Nanocrystalline Alloy[J].Transactions   of China Electrotechnical Society,2018

宋晗, 邹亮*, 张秀群, . 基于空间磁场分布的干式空心电抗器匝间短路检测方法[J]. 电工技术学报, 2018

Han Song,Liang Zou*,Xiuqun Zhang,et al. Inter-turn Short-circuit Detection of Dry-type Air-core Reactor   Based on Spatial Magnetic Field Distribution[J].Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society,2018

[6]Zhiyun Han, Liang Zou*, Han   Song, et al. Study on Optimal Structure of Three-LoopSimplified Scaling Model   for Dry-TypeAir-Core Reactors[J]. IEEE ACCESS, 2018.

[7]Zou L*, Guo Y, Liu H, et al. A   Method of Abnormal States Detection Based on Adaptive Extraction of   Transformer Vibro-Acoustic Signals[J]. Energies, 2017, 10(12):2076.

[8]邹亮*, 刘晗, 徐亮, 张黎, 赵彤. 基于改进势函数稀疏分量分析算法的变压器振声自适应提取方法[J]. 高电压技术,   2018(2): 507-517.

Liang Zou*, Han Liu, Liang Xu, Li   Zhang, Tong Zhao.Adaptive Extraction Method of Transformer Vibration Sound   Based on the Improved Sparse Component Analysis Algorithm of Potential Function[J].High   Voltage Engineering, 2018(2): 507-517.

[9]邹亮*, 张秀群, 赵彤,. 永磁偏置型故障限流器对系统暂态稳定性的影响[J]. 高电压技术, 2017, 43(2):594-601.

Liang Zou*, Xiuqun Zhang, Tong   Zhao, et al. Influence of Permanent-magnet-biased Saturation Based Fault   Current Limiter

on Transient Stability of Power   System [J].High Voltage Engineering,

2017, 43(2):594-601.

邹亮*, 伍珈乐, 刘涛,. 兼顾技术经济性的永磁偏置型故障限流器优化配置算法[J]. 湖南大学学报(自科版), 2016, 43(8):78-84.

Liang Zou*,Jiale Wu,Liu Tao,et al.Optimal   Allocation Algorithm   of Permanent-magnet-biased Saturation Based Fault Current Limiter Combining   Technology and Economic Considerations[J].Joural of Hunan University(Natural   Sciences),2016, 43(8):78-84.

邹亮*, 伍珈乐, 刘涛,. 大容量永磁偏置型故障限流器的经济性分析与优化[J]. 电力自动化设备, 2016, 36(12):75-82.

Liang Zou*,Jiale Wu,Tao Liu,et al.Economic   analysis and optimization of large capacity permanent magnet biased fault   current limiter [J].Electric Power Automation   Equipment,2016, 36(12):75-82.

邹亮*, 黄金鑫, 刘梦琦. 智能电网用空间电能集能转换器[J]. 电力自动化设备, 2015, 35(6):159-165.

Liang Zou*,Jinxin Huang,Mengqi Liu.Space power   energy harvesting converter for smart grid[J].Electric Power Automation Equipment, 2015, 35(6):159-165.

邹亮*, 宫攀, 张黎. 干式空心电抗器空间磁场缩比试验与模型简化[J]. 高电压技术, 2014, 40(6):1675-1682.

Liang Zou*,Pan Gong,Li Zhang.Small-scale   Experiment and Model Simplification of Space Magnetic Fields Around Air-core   Reactors [J].High Voltage Engineering,2014, 40(6):1675-1682.

邹亮*, 刘涛, 赵彤. 基于阀电压或阀电流的 HVDC 换相失败故障诊断[J]. 电网技术, 2014, 38(12):3453-3458.

Liang Zou*,Tao Liu,Tong Zhao.Diagnosis   of Commutation Failure in HVDC Transmission Systems Based on Voltage or   Current of Converter Valve[J].Power System Technology,2014, 38(12):3453-3458.

邹亮*, 许家响, 李庆民. 永磁饱和型故障限流器的永磁体稳定性实验研究[J]. 高电压技术, 2012, 38(8):1901-1908.

Liang Zou*,Jiaxiang Xu,Qingmin   Li.Experimental Research on permanent Magnet Stability of the   Permanent-magnet-biased Saturation Based Fault Current Limiter[J].High Voltage Engineering, 2012, 38(8):1901-1908.

张黎, 邹亮*, 吕鑫昌,. 半波长输电线路的工频暂态过电压[J]. 高电压技术, 2012, 38(10):2728-2734.

Li Zhang,Liang Zou*,Xinchang Lv,et al.Power frequency temporary overvoltage on Half-wave Length AC   Transmission Lines[J].High Voltage Engineering,2012, 38(10):2728-2734.

邹亮, 李庆民, 许家响,. 考虑漏磁效应的永磁饱和型故障限流器磁路建模与实验研究[J]. 中国电机工程学报, 2012, 32(21):137-145.

Liang Zou,Qingmin Li,Jiaxiang Xu,et al.Magnetic Topology Modelingand Experimental Study of   Permanent-magnet-biased Saturation Based Fault Current Limiter With Leakage   Flux Effect[J].Proceedings of the CSEE , 2012, 32(21):137-145.

邹亮, 李庆民, 刘洪顺,. 大容量永磁饱和型故障限流器参数设计与优化[J]. 中国电机工程学报, 2011, 31(9):105-112.

Liang Zou,Qingmin Li,Hongshun Liu,et al.Parameter Design and Optimization Methodology for Large Capacity   Applications of Permanent-magnet-biased Saturation Based Fault Current   Limiter[[J].Proceedings of the CSEE, 2011,   31(9):105-112.

邹亮, 李庆民, 刘洪顺,. 计及故障限流器和故障过渡电阻的接地距离保护补偿算法[J]. 电力自动化设备, 2009, 29(3):56-60.

Liang Zou,Qingmin Li,Hongshun Liu,et al.Ground distance protection compensation algorithm considering fault   current limiter and fault transition resistance.[J].Electric Power Automation   Equipment,2009, 29(3):56-60.

邹亮, 李庆民, 刘洪顺,. 永磁饱和型故障限流器的高压大容量化分析[J]. 高电压技术, 2009, 35(10):2568-2574.

Liang Zou,Qingmin Li,Hongshun Liu,et al.Feasibility Analysis on Developing High Voltage and Large Capacity   Permanent-magnet-biased Fault Current Limiter[J].High Voltage Engineering, 2009, 35(10):2568-2574.

Published work

Li Qingmin, Lou Jie, Zhang Li, Liu   Hongshun, Zou Liang. Power system economical fault current limiting   technology [M]. Beijing: Mechanical Industry Press, 2011. 8

Approved patent

"Permanent Bias Fault Current   Limiter", ZL 200920027703.8


[1] Mesoscopic high-frequency saturation mechanism   and two-scale coupling modeling method for nanocrystalline iron core National   Natural Science Foundation of China .(Host)

[2] Two-dimensional numerical simulation of the   dynamic process of X-pinch implosion based on MHD in the dual feature plane.   National Natural Science Foundation of China .(Second place)

[3] Influence Mechanism of UHV Hybrid Reactive   Compensation on Single-Phase Ground Fault Breaking and Submerged Power Arc   Characteristics.(Second place)

[4] Two-scale coupled modeling method based on   mesoscopic high-frequency saturation mechanism of nanocrystalline iron core.(Host)

[5] Smart grid multi-port hybrid energy storage   topology and multi-objective optimization control method China Postdoctoral   Fund Project.(Host)

[6] Research on the high-frequency saturation   mechanism of nanocrystalline iron core based on macro-me so that two-scale   coupling simulation.(Host)

[7] Topology Design and Control Technology of New   Energy Composite Energy Storage System for Microgrid Research on State Key   Laboratory of New Energy Power System.(Second place)

[8] Power System Electromagnetic Transient   Visualization Virtual Simulation and Innovative Teaching Platform Construction   Shandong University Teaching and Research Project.(Host)

[9] Key Technology of Power Detecting for Main   Equipment of Distribution Network and Risk Prevention Research.(Host)

[10]   Development   and Testing of Overvoltage Simulation Training Platform for UHV AC/DC Hybrid   System.(Host)

[11]   Qinghai   Power Grid Planning Data Update——Electrical Transient Simulation Model of   Haixi Power Grid Construction Technology Service State Grid Corporation   Horizontal Project.(Host)

[12]   Research on   the passive wireless temperature measuring device of high voltage switchgear   based on surface wave technology.(Host)

[13]   Mechanism   of inactivation of pathogenic bacteria by atmospheric pressure   non-equilibrium plasma Interdisciplinary cultivation project of Shandong   University, Shandong University.(Host)

Academic types

Academic   master tutor, professional master tutor

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