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Zhu Ke
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Department   of Power Electronics


The reviewer   of some journals such as IEEE Transaction on Power Delivery and IET   Generation, Transmission & Distribution.

Personal message


Ke Zhu



Date   of Birth




Professional   Title

Associate   Professor







2002.09-2004.06ShandongUniversity, Electrical Engineering and   Automation, M.S.

2004.09-2007.12Shandong University, Electrical Engineering and   Automation, PhD;

2005.09-2005.12Visiting   scholar, university of Alberta, Canada

2008.9-2010.06School   of computer science, Shandong university, postdoctoral

2013.09-2014.12Visiting   scholar, university of Alberta, Canada

2008.0-PresentSchool   of electrical engineering, Shandong university, teacher

Research Direction

Application of power electronics in power system

Distribution   Generation operation control and protection

Application   of waveform data mining and analysis



He   has published more than 30 papers in SCI and EI, and 6 invention patents.   Representative works:

1)Ke   Zhu   Controlled Closing of PT Delta Winding for Identifying Faulted LinesIEEE   Transaction on Power Delivery.2011

2)Ke   Zhu, Coded Switching Scheme for Monitoring the Operation of Distribution Capacitors,   IEEE Transaction on Power Delivery.2018

3)Ke   Zhu, Voltage sag source location technology based on corresponding sequence   components, IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution.2015

4)Ke   Zhu,A new DG anti-islanding protection technique

based   on harmonic impedance measurement,International Transactions onElectrical   Energy Systems,2017

(5)Ke ZhuDetermining the   Permanent Fault in Distribution LinesBased on Model Recognition2018

(6)Ke ZhuDetection Method   for System Grounding Capacitance Using Power Electronic Disturbance   Technology2016

(7)Ke ZhuDetect Transient   Power Disturbance for Power Disturbance Data Analytics2017

(8)Ke Zhu,Distribution Network Voltage-Sag-Source   Detection Method Based on Modified Incremental Impedance2014

(9)Ke Zhu,A Novel Method of Impedance Measurement Used   in Islanding Detection Based on Controllable Short-circuit Technology,2013


presiding over more than ten key projectsof the State   Grid and provincial and ministerial level projects.

Representative projects

1) research on data mining method for analysis of   operating state of active distribution network

2) research on smart power distribution network   three-phase adaptive reclosing technology

3) application research of power electronic disturbance   technology in the state monitoring of resonant ground system

4) research on the embedded fault line selection and   positioning technology based on controllable disturbance

5) study on voltage sag source monitoring and   positioning method

6) development and research of isolated island   detection device

7) development and application of 10KV power   distribution system TSC device

8) application research of controllable short circuit   technology in isolated island detection of micro grid

Academic types



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