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Zhao Tong
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Institute   of High Voltage and Insulation Technology


Master   Supervisor, IEEE   Member

Personal message


Zhao Tong



Date   of Birth



Zibo,   Shandong Province

Professional   Title

Associate Professor








2010/07-Present, Shandong University, School of   Electrical Engineering, Associate Professor/ Master Supervisor;

2008/07-2010/06,   Tsinghua University, Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied   Electronics, Post-Doctorate.

Research Direction

Mainly   engaged in the status monitoring and operation maintenance management of   transmission and transformation equipment, high-voltage insulation dielectric   phenomenon and theory, discharge physics and plasma technology and other   fields of teaching and research.


[1] A   New FXLMS Algorithm with Off-line and On-line Secondary-Path Modeling Scheme   for Active Noise Control of Power Transformers[J]. IEEE Transactions on   Industrial Electronics, 2017, 64(8):6432-6442.

[2] Molecular   dynamics simulation of S. cerevisiae glucan destruction by plasma ROS based   on ReaxFF[J]. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 2018, 51(35):355401.

[3] A   ReaxFF-Based Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Pyrolysis Mechanism for   Polycarbonate [J]. Energy & Fuels, 2018, 32(2): 2156-2162.

[4] A   ReaxFF-based molecular dynamics study of the mechanisms of interactions   between reactive oxygen plasma species and the Candida albicans cell wall   [J]. Physics of Plasmas, 2017, 24(10):103518.

[5] Fault   Diagnosis of On-Load Tap-Changer Based on Variational Mode Decomposition and   Relevance Vector Machine[J]. Energies, 2017, 10(7):946.1-946.14.

[6] Mechanical   Fault Diagnostics of On-load Tap Changer Within Power Transformers Based on   Hidden Markov Model. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, 2012, 27(2):   596-601.

[7] X-ray backlighting of developments of X-pinches and   wire-array Z-pinches using an X-pinch. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,   2010, 38(4): 646-651.

[8] X-ray backlighting of two-wire Z-pinch plasma using   X-pinch. Chinese Physics B, 2010, 19(7):075205.1 - 075205.5.

[9] Definition   of instantaneous dielectric loss factor and digital algorithm for online   monitoring. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 2009,   58(3): 666-673.

[10] Investigation   on Digital Algorithm for On-Line Monitoring and Diagnostics of Metal Oxide   Surge Arrester Based on an Accurate Model. IEEE Transactions on Power   Delivery, 2005, 20(2): 751~756.

[11] GIL中聚酯薄膜在电热作用下裂解机理的分子动力学模拟[J].   电工技术学报,   2018, 33(20).

Molecular   Dynamics Simulation of the Pyrolysis Mechanism of Polyester Films in Gas   Insulation Lines Under Electrothermal Stresses[J]. Transactions of China   electrotechnical society .2018, 33(20).

[12] 基于改进势函数稀疏分量分析算法的变压器振声自适应提取方法[J].   高电压技术,   2018(2): 507-517.

Adaptive   Extraction Method of Transformer Vibration Sound Based on the Improved Sparse   Component Analysis Algorithm of Potential Function[J]. High Voltage   Engineering, 2018(2): 507-517.

[13] 基于多频陷波滤波和信号功率变参数的变结构FXLMS自适应变压器有源降噪算法[J].   中国电机工程学报,   2017, 37(22):6719-6729.

Variable   Structure FXLMS Active Control of Transformer Noise Algorithm Based on   Multi-frequency Trap Filter Technology and Signal Power Varying Parameters   Method[J]. Proceedings of the CSEE, 2017, 37(22):6719-6729.

[14] 基于分子模拟的绝缘纸高温裂解过程水分产生及其破坏作用研究[J].   中国电机工程学报,   2017, 37(15):4548-4556.

Study   on H2O Formation During the Pyrolysis of Insulating Paper and Its   Destructive Effect Based on Molecular Simulation[J]. Proceedings of the CSEE,   2017, 37(15):4548-4556.

[15] 永磁偏置型故障限流器对系统暂态稳定性的影响[J].   高电压技术,   2017, 43(2):594-601.

Influence   of Permanent-magnet-biased Saturation Based Fault Current Limiter on   Transient Stability of Power System[J]. High Voltage Engineering, 2017,   43(2):594-601.

[16] 基于磁致伸缩本征特性的晶粒取向性变压器铁心振动模型[J].   中国电机工程学报,   2016, 36(14):3990-4000.

Study   on the Vibration of Grain-oriented Transformer Core Based on the   Magnetostrictive Intrinsic Characteristics[J]. Proceedings of the CSEE, 2016,   36(14):3990-4000.

[17] 基于LMS自适应滤波算法的电力变压器有源降噪系统.   高电压技术,   2016, 42(7): 2299-2307.

Active   Noise Control System Based on LMS Adaptive Filter Algorithm for Transformer   Power Noise Reduction. High Voltage Engineering, 2016, 42(7): 2299-2307.

[18] 多馈入高压直流输电系统的异常换相失败研究.   电网技术,   2015, 39(3): 705-711.

Analysis   on Potential Anomalous Commutation Failure in Multi-Infeed HVDC Transmission   Systems. PowerSystem Technology, 2015, 39(3): 705-711.

[19] X箍缩背光照相研究. 强激光与粒子束, 2010, 22(4): 931-934.

X-ray   backlighting using an X-pinch. High Power Laser and Particle Beams, 2010, 22(4): 931-934.

[20] OLTC振动信号特征提取的动力学分析方法.   电工技术学报,   2007, 22(1): 41~46.

Dynamic   Analysis Method for Feature Extraction of Mechanical

Vibration   Signals of On-Load Tap Changers. Transactions of China electrotechnical   society ,2007, 22(1): 41~46.

[21] OLTC振动信号的多维空间相轨图几何特征.   高电压技术,   2007, 33(8): 102~105.

Feature   Analysis Methodology for Phase Portrait Structure of MechanicalVibration   Signals of On-load Tap Changers in Multidimensional Space. High Voltage   Engineering, 2007, 33(8): 102~105.

[22] 提高介质损耗因数监测准确度的算法.   清华大学学报(自然科学版),2005,   45(7): 881~884

Robust   algorithm for accurately monitoring the dielectric loss factor. Tsinghua Univ   (Sci & Tech) ,2005, 45(7): 881~884

[23] 有载调压分接开关驱动电机旋转角度的在线监测方法.   高压电器,   2005, 41(5): 343~346

On-line   Monitoring Method of the Rotating Angle of Drive Motor for On-load Tap   Changers. High Voltage Apparatus, 2005, 41(5): 343~346

Academic Awards:

[1] Research   and engineering application on electromagnetic compatibility of high voltage   digitization and FACTS substation,Shandong provincial science and technology   progress award, First Prize, 2011.

[2] X-pinch   soft X-ray radiation point source and application basic research, Natural   science prize of the ministry of education, Second Prize, 2012.

[3] On-line   monitoring system for mechanical performance of on-load tap changers of power   transformer, Shandong science and technology progress award, Second Prize,   2007.

[4] Chaos   dynamics analysis method of vibration signal, excellent scientific research   achievement award (natural science category) of Shandong colleges and   universities, Second Prize, 2006.


[1] Research on Two-Dimensional MHD Simulations of X-pinch   Implosion in Two Characteristic Planes, National Natural Science Foundation   of China.

[2] Research on Two-Dimensional MHD (Magnetohydrodynamic)   Simulations of X-pinch Implosion and its Physical aspects, National Natural   Science Foundation of China.

[3] Research   on Generation and Propagation Mechanism of Strong Magnetic Vibration of Power   Transformer and Intelligent Active Noise ReductionKey   R&D Plan in Shandong Province.

[4] X-ray   Phase Contrast Imaging of Breast Tumor Based on X-pinch, China Postdoctoral   Science Foundation.

[5] Research   on Multidimensional Comprehensive Evaluation Method of EHV Main EquipmentScience   and Technology Project of State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company.

[6] Research   on the Influence of Short-range Wireless Power Transmission Technology on the   Safety Operation of Power Grid, Science and Technology Project of State Grid   Shandong Electric Power Company.

[7] Research on GIS   Mechanical Defect Diagnosis Based on Abnormal Vibration AnalysisScience   and Technology Project of State Grid Anhui Electric Power Company.

[8] Research on On-line   Monitoring Technology of Mechanical Performance of On-load Tap SwitchScience   and Technology Project of State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Company.

[9] Research   on Dynamic Characteristics of ±660kV Yindong DC System, Science and   Technology Project of State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company..

[10] Research   on Heat Rise Characteristic Model of Power Transformer, Science   and Technology Project of State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Company.

Academic types

Teaching   and research. Recruiting taught masters and postgraduate research.

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