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Yu Dayang
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Institute   of renewable energy and smart grid


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Date   of Birth




Professional   Title

associate   professor







2007Cambridge universityJoint PhD

2010Shandong University, Associate Professor

Research Direction

Principles   and Technologies of the Power System dispatch, operation and control


[1] DayangYu,   XueshanHan, JianguoZhao. A Method to Assess the Regional Wind Power   Fluctuation Based on the Meteorological Observing System[J]. International   Journal of Green Energy, 2010, 7(5):516-529.

[2] Yu   D, Liang J, Han X, et al. Profiling the regional wind power fluctuation in   China[J]. Energy Policy, 2011, 39(1):299-306.

[3] 于大洋, 韩学山, 梁军,. 基于NASA地球观测数据库的区域风电功率波动特性分析[J]. 电力系统自动化, 2011, 35(5):77-81.

Yu Dayang,HanXueshan,LiangJun,etal.Study   on the Profiling of China's Regional Wind Power Fluctuation Using GEOS-5 Data   Assimilation System of National Aeronautics and Space Administration of   America[J].Automation of Electric Power Systems, 2011, 35(5):77-81.

[4] 于大洋, 宋曙光, 张波,. 区域电网电动汽车充电与风电协同调度的分析[J]. 电力系统自动化, 2011, 35(14):24-29.

YU Dayang, et al.Synergistic Dispatch   of PEVs Charging and Wind Power in Chinese Regional Power Grids[J].Automation   of Electric Power Systems,2011,35(14):24-29.

[5] Dayang   Y U, Song S, Bo Z, et al. Synergistic Dispatch of PEVs Charging and Wind   Power in Chinese Regional Power Grids[J]. Automation of Electric Power   Systems, 2011, 35(14):24-29.

[6] Yu   D, Bo Z, Liang J, et al. The influence of generation mix on the wind   integrating capability of North China power grids: A modeling interpretation   and potential solutions[J]. Energy Policy, 2011, 39(11):7455-7463.

[7] 于大洋, 黄海丽, 雷鸣,. 电动汽车充电与风电协同调度的碳减排效益分析[J]. 电力系统自动化, 2012, 36(10):14-18.

YU Dayang, et   al.CO2 Reduction Benefit by   Coordinated Dispatch of Electric Vehicle Charging and Wind   Power[J].Automation of Electric Power Systems,2012,36(10):14-18.


1 key   technology research and system development of smart energy based on   collaborative scheduling

2 research   and development of key technologies for power intelligent operation and   maintenance based on big data

3 research   on intelligent control and operation mode of energy Internet based on   Internet + smart energy

4 an input   data conversion method for power system simulation software

5 a network   electric vehicle charging pile

6 research   on fault detection information modeling and online training technology

7Research   and development of distributed resource coordination scheduling technology   for distribution network

8 research   and development of integrated data processing technology and system   development

9 research   and system development of power equipment fault predicting technology based   on infrared image

10 research   on fault detection information modeling and online training technology based   on big data

11   theoretical research on synergistic dispatch of power system

12   operation and maintenance analysis and test of charging facilities in   Hangzhou city

13 Analysis   of dynamic characteristics multi HVDC infeed hybrid Shandong power grid

14   maintenance big data analysis and research and system development

15   microgrid system cooperative scheduling system

16   microgrid integration system

17   distributed photovoltaic power generation scheduling application system

18 charging   service planning algorithm and planning and operation simulation system   development

19   distributed power integration to main network: coordinated operation   technology research

20 modeling   and application of electromagnetic transient model for multi-infeed HVDC of   Shandong power grid

21 distributed   energy storage scheduling application system

22   distributed generation, energy storage and Microgrid communication system

23   theoretical research on the regulation of grid convergence in progressive   learning

24   distributed power grid collaborative scheduling theory research

25 key   technologies of grid connected large-scale photovoltaic power stations

26 electric   vehicle charging and switching network planning system maintenance

27 research   and development of intelligent dispatching system for electric vehicle   charging station

28   theoretical research on Coordination Decision of maintenance and operation in   power system dispatching

29 research   on the mechanism of distributed resource interaction with power grid and its   collaborative scheduling technology

30   coordinated control theory between intermittent power supply and regional   power grid

31   synergistic dispatch of electric vehicle charging and discharging with wind   power generation and its carbon emission reduction benefits

Academic types

academic   degree; professional degree


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