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Wang Yubin
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Power   Electronics Institute



Personal message


Yubin Wang



Date   of Birth




Shandong   Province

Professional   Title



Institute   Director





From July   1993 to Aug. 2000, Teacher in School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong   Polytechnic University.

From   Aug.2000 to present, Teacher in School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong   University.

During July   2007 and Jan.2009, Visiting scholar in Virginia Tech of USA.

Research Direction

His current research interests include modeling and design of power   electronic converters, flexible ac transmission systems (FACTS), soft-switching technique, and microgrid   applications.


[1]. Yubin   Wang, Fan Wang, et al. Sensorless Parameter Estimation and Current-sharing   Strategy in two-phase and Multiphase IPOP DAB dc/dc converters. IET Power   Electronics, 2018.Vol.11, No.6, pp.1135-1142.

[2].   Tengteng Pan, Yubin Wang, et al. Topology Optimization and Current Sharing   Strategy of Interleaved Bidirectional dc/dc Converter with Coupling Technique.   IET Power Electronics(In press).

[3]. 于程皓,王玉斌等.基于高压碳化硅器件的三相固态变压器拓扑及其在电网电压不平衡下的控制. 电工技术学报,2017.3232):111-118.

Yu ChenghaoWangYubin, et al.The Three-Phase Solid State   Transformer Topology Based on High-voltage SiC Device and Control Strategy   Under Unbalanced Grid Voltages. Trans. of China Electrotechnical Society,   2017.3232, pp.111-118.

[4]. 王杉杉,王玉斌等. 级联型电力电子变压器电压与功率均衡控制方法研究. 电工技术学报,2016.3122):92-99.

Wang   Shanshan, Wang Yubin, et al. Voltage and Power Balance Control for Cascaded   Multilevel Converter Based Power Electronic Transformer. Trans. of China   Electrotechnical Society,2016.3122, pp.92-99.

[5]. 王玉斌, 王杉杉等.基于双重移相控制的双有源DC-DC变换器的最优电流控制. 电工技术学报,2015.3014):488-496.

Wang Yubin,   Wang Shanshan, et al. Optimal Current Control Strategy of Dual-Active-Bridge   DC-DC Converter Based on Dual-phase-Shift Control.Trans. of China   Electrotechnical Society,2015.3014, pp.488-496.

[6]. 王玉斌, 林意斐等. 自适应可调延时控制的双耦合电感软开关零电压转换逆变器. 电工技术学报,2014.298):103-109.

Wang Yubin,   Lin Yifei, et al. Two Coupled Inductor Soft-Switching Zero Voltage Transition   Inverter Controlled by Adaptive Varible Timing. Trans. of China   Electrotechnical Society,2014.298, pp.103-109.

[7]. 王广柱,王玉斌等.参数变化对抛物线PWM电流控制的影响及其对策. 中国电机工程学报,2012.32(36):9-14.

Wang   Guangzhu, Wang Yubin, et al.Impacts of Parameter Variations on Parabolic PWM   Current Control and Its Solutions. Proceedings of the CSEE, 2012.32(36), pp.9-14.

[8]. 王玉斌,王广柱. 基于开关电容技术的新型交流PWM开关及其在微电网模式切换中的应用研究. 电工技术学报,2011.2612):211-215.

Wang Yubin,   Wang Guangzhu, et al. New type AC PWM Switch and Its Microgrid Mode-Transfer   Application Based on Switched Capacitor Technology.Trans. of China   Electrotechnical Society, 2011.2612, pp.211-215.

[9].   Chien-Liang Chen, Yubin Wang, et al.Design of Parallel Inverters for Smooth   Mode Transfer Microgrid Applications. IEEE Trans. On Power Electronics, 2010.   25(1),pp.6-15.


[1]Mar.2018-Jun.2021,   ShandongProvincial Natural Science Foundation (grant No.ZR2018MEE037)

[2]Jan.2013-Dec.2016,National Natural ScienceFoundation of P. R. of China (grant   No. 51277115).

[3]Jul..2011-Jul.2014,   ShandongProvincial Natural Science Foundation (grant No.ZR2011EEM026)

[4]   Jun.2010-Jun.2013, Fund for Scientific Research of Returned Personnel,   Ministry of Education,China.(grant No.[2010]609)

[5]   2012-2014, Independent innovation projects of colleges and universities,   Jinan Science and Technology Bueeau.((grant No.201202093))

Academic types

Academic   and professional


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