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Wang Xinchao
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Research Institute

Institute   of power system relay protection

Academic status

Master tutor

Personal message


WANG   Xinchao



Date   of Birth



Linshu of   Shandong


Professional   Title

Associate   professor







Working Experience

Studied in   the department of electric power of Shandong University of technology before   1983; Before 1992, design supervisor of electrical control of multi-type test   machine in Jinan test machine plant research institute; Before 1995, I   studied in the automation department of Shandong University of technology.   Since 1995, I have been a teacher in the school of electrical engineering in   Shandong University. Associate professor since 2001; In 2002, I was employed   as a postgraduate tutor. From 2007 to 2010, I studied as an on-the-job doctor   of electrical profession at Hebei University of technology. Main courses:   college computer culture, technical foundation, C language, principle of   self-control, principle of microcomputer, signal and system, the perspective   of college computer --- computer thinking.

Research Direction

Power   system relay protection

Power   equipment on-line monitoring

Green   energy generation technology

Accurate   and rapid implementation of complex numerical calculations

Research on   computer's independent thinking mode and algorithm


WANG Xinchao, Yang chenxin. “A study   on DG control strategy and grid protection” Applied   Mechanics and Materials 2014-01-22   v 521, p 204-212, 2014

ZHANG Xue,WANG Xinchao. “An island   partitioning method based on cloud adaptive genetic algorithm” 2016   International Conference on Smart Grid and Clean Energy 2016

WANG Chao,WANG Xinchao.”Reactive   power optimization for distribution system with distributed generations based   on AHSPSO algorithm” China Int. Conf. Elect. Distrib., CICED 2016


Undergoing Research Products

Study on   short circuit fault isolation technology of distribution network side

Research on   UHV network wide area relay protection technology

Study on   key technologies of power grid frequency stability and emergency control   after large-scale wind power integration

Study on   fault data analysis and processing technology of intelligent substation

Power grid   physical simulation system operation and control system

Smart grid   unified --longitudinal protection system

Academic types

Academic   master; Professional master

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