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Wang Xiaohui
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Institute   of Smart Grid and Renewable Energy


Supervisor of   Postgraduate

IEEE Member

Member of   CIGRE Working GroupC6.37 (MVDC)

Personal message


Xiaohui   WANG



Date   of Birth

November   1979


Dongying,   Shandong

Professional   Title

Associate   Professor







? Associate Professor, Shandong University(2015 until   now)

? Senior Engineer, State Grid Corporation of China   (2010-2015)

? Research Fellow, University of Nottingham UK   (2008-2010)

? Ph.D. Candidate, University of Nottingham UK (2004-2009)

? M.Sc. Candidate, Xi’an Jiaotong University (2001-2004)

? B.Sc. Candidate, Xi’an Jiaotong University (1997-2001)

Research Direction

Control of   AC/DC Hybrid Power System; Protection and Control of Power System withMultiply   Power Electronic Devices; LVDC and MVDC


1. Wang, X., Chen, Q.,   Zhang, Y. et al.,Modal Analysis on   System Stability of UHVDC Hierarchical Connection to AC Grid, Power   System Technology,2018, Vol. 42, Issue. 9, Page(s): 2869-2875.

2. Christopher, E., Sumner, M., Thomas,   D.W.P., Wang, X., and de Wildt, F. Fault Location in a Zonal DC   Marine Power System Using Active Impedance Estimation, IEEE Transaction   on Industry Applications, 2013, Vol. 49, Issue 2, Page(s): 860-865.

3. Li, J., Luo J., Wang, X., Mu, Y.,   Zeng, Y. and Jia, H. A Differentiation based Method to Transmission   Network Planning for Improving Anti-Disaster Ability, in Proceeding of   2013 IEEE International Conference of IEEE Region 10 (IEEE TENCON 2013),   Page(s):1-4, Oct 2013, China.

4. Wang, X., Thomas, D.W.P., Sumner, M., Paul, J. and   Cabral, S.H.L. Numerical Determination of Jiles-Atherton Model Parameters,   COMPEL: The international journal for computation and mathematics in   electrical and electronic engineering, 2009, Vol. 28, Issue 2, Page(s):   493-503.

5. Wang, X., Thomas, D.W.P., Sumner, M., Paul, J. and   Cabral, S.H.L. Characteristics of Jiles-Atherton model parameters and   their application to transformer inrush current simulation, IEEE   Transactions on Magnetics, March 2008, Vol. 44, Issue 3, Page(s): 340-345.

6. Wang, X., Sumner, M. and Thomas, D.W.P. Simulation   of single-phase nonlinear and hysteretic transformer with internal faults,   in Proceeding of IEEE Power Systems Conference and Exposition,   Page(s):1075-1080, Oct 2006, USA.


1. Research   on Decoupling Strategy in UHVAC/DC Hybrid System (2018-2020), State Grid Economic   and Technological Research Institute Co. Ltd.

2. Optimization   of Reactive Power Flow in Zhoushan Island Grid (2017-2018), Zhoushan Supply   Company, SGCC.

3. Research on Planning Strategy and   OptimizationMethod of AC/DC Hybrid Grid in Global Energy Internet   (2017-2018), SGCC.

4. Research on Smart Estimation in Active   Distribution Network (2017-2018), Weifang Supply Company, SGCC.

5. Quantitative   Evaluation of AC/DC Hybrid System (2017), China Electric Power Research   Institute, SGCC.

6. Evaluation of Safety in Multi-infeed HVDC   System (2015-2017), Jiangsu Electric   Power Research Institute, SGCC.

7. Protection of Ship Power System   (2008-2010), MOD UK.


Academic types

Recruit   both M.Sc. and M.Eng.

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