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Wang Mengxia
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Power   Systems


IEEE member

Personal message


Mengxia Wang



Date   of Birth

June 1983


Jiamusi   City, Heilongjiang Province

Professional   Title








2013-present   School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University,Lecturer,


2011-2013   Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University,   postdoctoral/assistant researcher

Research Direction

Research direction:   power system operation analysis and control, optimization scheduling, EMS and   power economy, etc.

Teaching   courses: Power System Engineering Foundation, New Energy Power Generation   Technology


1.Published   more than 20 papers in SCI/EI search, authorizing 2 invention patents, and   some recent representing papers are listed here:

[1] Mengxia Wang, Ming Yang, Jianhui   Wang. Contingency analysis considering the transient thermal behavior of   overhead transmission lines[J]. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2019,   33(5): 4982-4993.

[2] Mengxia Wang, Mingqiang Wang, Jinxin   Wang, A thermal rating calculation approach for wind power   grid-integrated overhead lines [J]. Energies, 2018, 11(1523): 1-15.

[3] 王孟夏,韩学山,黄金鑫,张强,王艳玲. 计及输电元件热惯性效应的安全约束最优潮流[J]. 中国电机工程学报,201636(05)1181-1189.

Wang   Mengxia, Han Xueshan, Jin Xinxin, Zhang Qiang, Wang Yanling. Safety   Constrained Optimal Power Flow Considering Thermal Inertia Effect of   Transmission Components[J]. Proceedings of the CSEE, 2016, 36(05): 1181-1189.

[4] 王孟夏,韩学山,黄金鑫,陈芳,康凯. 计及电缆热特性的电热耦合潮流计算[J]. 电力系统自动化,201640(11)73-79.

Wang   Mengxia, Han Xueshan, Jin Xinxin, Chen Fang, Kang Kai. Calculation of   Electrothermal Coupling Power Flow Considering Thermal Characteristics of   Cables[J]. Automation of Electric Power Systems, 2016, 40(11): 73-79.

[5] 王孟夏,韩学山,韦志清,张强,陈芳. 电网运行环境下基于电热耦合潮流的架空导线应力预估[J]. 电工技术学报,201833(20).

Wang   Mengxia, Han Xueshan, Wei Zhiqing, Zhang Qiang, Chen Fang. Stress estimation   of overhead conductors based on electrothermal coupled power flow in grid   operation environment[J]. Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society,   2018,33(20).

2.   “Research and Application of Electric Power Coordination Theory of Power   System” won the third prize of Shandong Science and Technology Progress   Award;

3. “Key   Technology Research and System Application of Wind Power Integration and   Optimization Scheduling” won the third prize of Henan Science and Technology   Progress Award.


Major   projects in recent years:

2015-2017,   National Natural Science Youth Fund Project “Research on Electrothermal   Coordination Theory in Grid Dissipation Wind Power”.

2016-2017,   Shandong Power Grid Corporation Science and Technology Project "Analysis   and Evaluation of Regional Power Grid Operation Patterns for Intelligent   Development".

2017-2018,   Shandong Power Grid Corporation Science and Technology Project "Research   on Renewable Energy Collaborative Technology under Energy Internet".

2014-2015,   Shandong Provincial Grid Corporation Science and Technology Project   "Shandong Power Grid Source-Load Balance Capability Analysis and Grid   Progressive Development Planning Decision Platform R&D".

Academic types

Academic   and professional

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