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Wang Guan
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High   voltage and insulation technology


Graduate   tutor

Personal message


Guan Wang



Date   of Birth



Zibo,Shandong   Province

Professional   Title



Secretary   of the Party Branch of High Voltage and Insulation Technology





Since 2003,woeked   in the School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University.

Research Direction

Half-wavelength   transmission line analysis, New transmission technology, Distributed   generation technology, online monitoring technology for power equipment


1. Liu, Jinxin, Wang, et al. Energies, Vol. 10,   Pages 946: Fault Diagnosis of On-Load Tap-Changer Based on Variational Mode   Decomposition and Relevance Vector Machine[J]. Energies, 2017, 10(7):946.

2. 王冠, 刘金鑫, 赵彤,. 基于改进变分模态分解的有载分接开关机械状态监测[J]. 湖南大学学报(自然科学版), 2017, 44(10):75-83.

Wang Guan, Liu Jinxin, Zhao Wei, et al.   Mechanical Condition Monitoring of On-load Tap-changer Based on Improved   Variational Mode Decomposition[J]. Journal of Hunan University(Natural   Science), 2017, 44(10): 75-83.

3. Tian Z, Wang G, Liu H, et al. Topology   optimization of magnetic energy converter in high-voltage substation[C]//   China International Conference on Electricity Distribution. IEEE, 2016.

4. Liu J, Wang G, Zhao T, et al. The research of   OLTC on-line detection system based on embedded and wireless sensor   networks[C]// IEEE International Conference on High Voltage Engineering and   Application. IEEE, 2016:1-4.

5. 王冠, 芙蓉薇, 朱振华,. 利用重启动精化Arnoldi方法计算动态电压稳定分析中的关键特征值[J]. 电工技术学报,   2007, 22(10):150-155.

Wang Guan, Fu Rongwei, Zhu Zhenhua, et al.   Calculation of key eigenvalues in dynamic voltage stability analysis using   restarted Arnoldi method[J]. Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society,   2007, 22(10): 150-155.

6. Guan W, Li Q M. Development of a digital   algorithm based on instantaneous power transform for on-line monitoring of   the dielectric loss factor[C]// IEEE Conference on Electrical Insulation and   Dielectric Phenomena. IEEE, 2006:35-38.

7. Wang G, Li Q, Zhang L. Research Status and   Prospects of the Half-Wavelength Transmission Lines[C]// Asia-Pacific Power   and Energy Engineering Conference. IEEE, 2010:1-5.

8. 王冠, 吕鑫昌, 孙秋芹,. 半波长交流输电技术的研究现状与展望[J]. 电力系统自动化,   2010, 34(16):13-18.

Wang Guan, LüXinchang, Sun Qiuqin, et al.   Research Status and Prospects of Half-wavelength AC Transmission Technology[J].   Automation of Electric Power Systems, 2010, 34(16): 13-18.

9. 孙秋芹, 王冠, 李庆民,. 特高压双回线路耦合效应的计算与分析[J]. 高电压技术,   2009, 35(4):737-742.

Sun Qiuqin,   Wang Guan, Li Qingmin, et al. Calculation and Analysis of Coupling Effect of   UHV Double-circuit Line[J]. High Voltage Engineering,   2009, 35(4): 737-742.

10.Wang JiajuWang GuanKuang Ye Tian   Zenghao. Explorative Research on Harmonic Transmission Characteristics and   Corresponding Measures of The UHV Half-wavelength Transmission Lines[C] CIEEC   2017 - Proceedings of 2017 China International Electrical and Energy   Conference, p 360-364, June 18, 2018.


1. Research on generalized active filter and harmonic   comprehensive treatment scheme

2. Research on the combined mode and mechanism of   long-stroke fast electromagnetic operating mechanism, National Fund General Project.

3. Research on topology and optimization method of   wireless energy-collecting converter based on space electromagnetic energy for   smart grid, National Fund General Project.

4. Research on submerged power arc characteristics   and suppression technology of UHV half-wavelength transmission lines,   Provincial Natural Science Fund Project.

5. Optimization   and Control Techniques of Active Distribution Network Connected with   Different Types of Distribution Generations and Electric Vehicles.

Academic types

Teaching   and research

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