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Liu Hongshun
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Research Institute

Institute   of high voltage and insulation technology

Academic status

Postgraduate   Tutor

Personal message


Hongshun   Liu



Date   of Birth



Qingdao of   Shandong

Professional   Title







Working Experience

2014/1-so   far Shandong University, Lecturer;

2010/7-2013/12, PLA Jinan military region of China;

2009/3-2010/3, UK Strathclyde University, Department of   electrical and electronic engineering, Visiting Scholar;

2004/9-2010/6, Shandong University, Department of Electrical Engineering, D.E.(Doctor of engineering)

2000/9-2004/6, Shandong University, Department of Electrical   Engineering, B.E.(Bachelor of Engineering)

Research Direction

Fault current limiting technology, Electromagnetic transient analysis and   suppression, Arc discharge theory and its application (UHV power space arc   and switch arc, etc),

Course: High voltage test technology, University   computer


[1] *Hongshun Liu; Runchang Li ; Dongxin He ;   Jianchun Wei ; Qingquan Li, "Experimental Study of Multiple-Reignition   Features of Secondary Arcs on EHV/UHV Transmission Lines," in IEEE   Transactions on Industrial Electronics.SCI一区,代表作)

[2] Liu, Hongshun; Chen, Taiyu; *Sun, Qiuqin;   Han, Mingming; Li, Qingquan ; Siew, Wah. Hoon,”Characteristics of very fast   transient currents in ultra high-voltage power system with Hybrid reactive   power compensation” in International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy   Systems, vol. 103, pp. 587-592, 2018. SCI二区发表)

[3] Hongshun Liu; Jingjing Yang ; *Liang Ji ;   Zhen Wang ; Zhenning Huang ; Xiaoshuai Yang ; Jiangtao Wang., "Influence   of Hybrid Reactive Power Compensation on the Secondary Arc of   Ultra-High-Voltage Transmission Lines (May 2018)," in IEEE Access, vol.   6, pp. 38115-38123, 2018. SCI三区发表)

[4] *Liu, Hongshun; Wang, Zhen; Yang, JingjingLi,   Bin; Ren, Ang, “Circuit Breaker Rate-of-Rise Recovery Voltage in Ultra-High   Voltage Lines with Hybrid Reactive Power Compensation,” in ENERGIES, vol. 11,   no. 1, pp. 100-113, 2018. SCI三区发表)

[5] Runchang Li ; *Hongshun Liu ; Jie Lou ;   Zhen Wang ; Bin Li ; Liang Ji, "Influence of ultra-high-voltage hybrid   reactive power compensation on the interrupting characteristics of CB at   out-of-phase faults," in IET Generation, Transmission &   Distribution, vol. 11, no. 5, pp. 1258-1264, 30 3 2017. SCI三区发表)

[6] Dongxin He ; Xiaoran Wang ; *Hongshun Liu ;   Qingquan Li ; Gilbert Teyssèdre, "Space charge behavior in XLPE cable   insulation under ac stress and its relation to thermo-electrical aging,"   in IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, vol. 25, no.   2, pp. 541-550, April 2018. SCI三区发表)

[7] Ren, Ang; *Liu Hongshun; Wei, Jianchun; Li,   Qingquan, “Natural contamination and surface flashover on silicone rubber   surface under haze-fog environment” in Energies, vol. 10, no. 10, pp.   1580-1593, 30 3 2017. SCI三区发表)

Undergoing Research Products

A number of national, provincial, ministerial,   university-level and horizontal research projects have been undertaken and   participated, including NSFC(Natural Science Foundation of China), the new   century talent plan of the ministry of education, Shandong natural science   outstanding youth fund, key technology projects of state grid corporation of   China. More than 40 research papers in important academic journals and   conferences have been published at home and abroad. Among them, 11 of them are included in SCI, 40 of   them were included in EI (20 are included in the first author), and 10 of   them were included in ISTP. Two academic books were written, including   economic fault current limiting technology of power system (ranking no.4), Physical   Properties and Technology of Secondary Arc (ranking no.4); 4 authorized patents (1 invention) were granted.

Current lead project:

1. National   natural science foundation youth fund project [51507095] (2016.1-2018.12)

2. Shandong   excellent young and middle-aged scientists award fund [BS2015NJ011]   (2016.1-2017.12)

3. Project   of Chinese postdoctoral science foundation [2015M572032] (2016.1-2017.12)

4.   Financing project of central university of Shandong University   (2014.1-2016.12)

Current present project:

1. Project   on national natural science foundation [2015M572032] (2016.1-2019.12)

2. Science   and technology project of state grid corporation of China (2014.1-2016.12)


Academic types

Academic   and Engineering master students

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