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Li Changgang
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Institute   of Power Systems, Key Laboratory of Power System Intelligent Dispatch and   Control (MOE)


Master Supervisor,   IEEE MemberYoung Scholars Programof Shandong University

Personal Message


Changgang   Li



Date   of Birth



Rizhao,   Shandong

Professional   Title









2014.6-now,School   of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University, Associate Researcher

2012.5-2014.5,   University of Tennessee Knoxville, Postdoctoral Fellow

2006.9-2012.7,   Shandong University, Ph.D

2002.9-2006.7,Shandong   University, B.S

Research Direction

Dynamic frequency   control of renewable power systems, Applications of artificial intelligence   in power systems


1. Changgang   Li, Yaping Zhang, Hengxu Zhang, Qiuwei Wu, Vladimir Terzija,   Measurement-Based Transmission Line Parameter Estimation With Adaptive Data   Selection Scheme, IEEE Trans. on Smart Grid, vol. 9, no. 6, pp. 5764-5773,   Nov. 2018. (SCI)

2. Zimin   Jiang, Changgang Li, Xiaohao Liu, Yutian Liu, Ruiming Wang, Harmonic   Adaptability Remote Testing Method for Offshore Wind Turbines, Energies, 2017   (10):1793-1811 (SCI)

3. Changgang   Li, Yawei Yu, Jiongcheng Yan, Yutian Liu, Power System Dynamics Equivalent   Model Based on AutoRegressive Model with eXogenous Inputs, IEEE Region Ten   Conference(TENCON 2017), Penang, Malaysia, Nov. 5-8, 2017, pp: 1947-1952.(EI)

4. XinXu;   Hengxu Zhang; Changgang Li; Yutian Liu, Wwei Li; Vladimir Terzija,   Optimization of Event-driven Emergency Load-Shedding Considering Transient   Security and Stability Constraints, in IEEE Trans. on Power Systems , 2017,   vol. 32, no. 4, pp.2581-2592 (SCI)

5. Weipeng   Liu,, Changgang Li, Yutian Liu*, Qiuwei Wu, Predictive control of wind   turbine for load reduction during ramping events, International Journal of   Electrical Power & Energy Systems, 2017, vol. 93, pp. 135-145 (SCI)

6. Lizheng   Chen, Hengxu Zhang, Changgang Li, Modeling and Simulating Long-Timescale   Cascading Faults in Power Systems Caused by Line-Galloping Events, Energies,   2017, vol. 10, no. 9, pp. 1301-1316 (SCI)

7. Ruohan   Wang, YuzhengXie, Hengxu Zhang, Changgang Li, Wei Li, Vladimir Terzija,   Dynamic power flow algorithm considering frequency regulation of wind power   generators, IET Renewable Power Generation, 2017, vol. 11, no. 8, pp.   1218-1225(SCI)

8. YuzhengXie,   Hengxu Zhang, Changgang Li*, Huadong Sun. Development Approach of A   Programmable and Open Software Package for Power System Frequency Response   Calculation, Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems,2017, vol. 2, no.   1, pp. 18-27

9. Huan   Ma, Changgang Li, Yutian Liu. Multi-level Early Warning Method for Wind Power   Ramp Events. Automation of Electric Power Systems, 2017, 41(11):3-47 (EI)

10. Huan Ma, Changgang Li, Yutian Liu. Assessing   Impact of Wind Power Ramp Events on Operation Adequacy of Power Systems. Automation   of Electric Power Systems, 2017,41(04):41-47(EI)

11. XinXu, Hengxu Zhang,Changgang Li, Yutian Liu, Wei   Li.Emergency Load Shedding Optimization Algorithm Based on Trajectory   Sensitivity.Automation of Electric Power Systems, 2016,40(18):143-148EI

12. Hengxu   Zhang, Changgang Li, Yutian Liu. Quantitative frequency security assessment   method considering cumulative effect and its applications in frequency   control. International Journal ofElectrical Power and Energy Systems ,   2015(65): 12-20


National Projects:

National Key   R&D Program,Research and Application of Key Technologies for Intelligent   Dispatch and Security Early Warning of Large-Scale Power Systems(Task 4), 2017.07-2020.12 ¥2.72M¥10.88M

Natural   Science Foundation of China, Study of Power System Dynamic Equivalents Based   on Wide Area Measurement System and Regression Analysis, 2015.01-2017.12¥240K


Industry Projects:

State Grid   Shandong ElectricPower Company, Strategy and Methods for Cooperative Control   of SourcesNetwork and Loads for Large-Scale Power System Secure and Stable   Operation, 2017.10-2018.12, ¥380K(¥1.15M)

Yunnan Power Grid Co., Ltd., Frequency Characteristics of Wind   and PV Integration and Its Impact on Frequency Stability of Asynchronous Yunnan   Power Grid, 2016.08-2017.12, ¥150K (¥920K)

State Grid Shandong ElectricPower Company, Maintenance of   D5000 Parameter Library of Shandong Electric Power Dispatch and Control   Center, 2015.05-2015.12, ¥550K

Academic types

Academic/Professional Master Candidates

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