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Hao Quanrui
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Institute   of Intelligent Grid and RenewableEnergy


Master's   Supervisor

Personal message


Quanrui Hao



Date   of Birth



Dezhou,   Shandong

Professional   Title

Associate   Research Fellow




+86 15165173276



2014.1up to   now: Associate Research Fellow in School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong   University, China.

2013.1-2013.12:   Post-doctor of Philosophy in McGill University, Canada.

2008.9-2012.12:   Doctor of Philosophy in McGill University, Canada.

2006.9-2008.7:   Master in Zhejiang University, China.

2002.9-2006.7:   Undergraduate in Tianjin University, China.

Research Direction

Voltage   Source Converter (VSC), High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC), AC/DC hybrid   power grid.


[1] Quanrui Hao*, Zheng Li, Feng Gao and Jing Zhang,   “Reduced-order small-signal models of modular multilevel converter (MMC) and   MMC-based HVDC Grid,” IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron., 2018. (in press)

[2] Quanrui Hao*, Jiufang Man, Feng Gao and Mingyuan Guan,   “Voltage limit control of modular multilevel converter based unified power   flow controller under unbalanced grid conditions,” IEEE Trans. Power Del.,   vol. 33, no. 3, pp. 1319-1327, Jun. 2018.

[3] Q. Hao*, B. T. Ooi, F. Gao, “Three-phase series-   connected modular multilevel converter for HVDC application,” IEEE Trans.   Power Delivery, vol. 31, no. 1, pp. 50-58, Feb. 2016.

[4] Q. Hao*, G. Li, B. T. Ooi. Approximate model and low-order   harmonic reduction for high-voltage direct current tap based on series   single-phase modular multilevel converter [J]. IET Generation, Transmission   and Distribution, 2013, 7(9): 1046- 1054.

[5] Q. Hao*, B. T. Ooi. Tap for classical HVDC based on   multilevel current-source inverters [J]. IEEE Trans. Power Delivery, 2010,   25(4): 2626-2632.

[6] C.   Wang, Q. Hao, B. T. Ooi. Reduction   of low frequency harmonics in modular multilevel converters (MMCs) by   harmonic function analysis [J]. IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution,   2014, 8(2): 328-338.

[7] Q.   Haotranslate. Voltage-Sourced Converter in Power   Systems -Modeling, Control and Applications[M]. China Machine Press, Beijing,   2017.

[8] Zheng Li,Quanrui Hao*, ShuyingWang, Nonlinear   Decoupling Control of MMC based on Feedback Linearization Theory[J]. Proceedings   of CSEE, 2018. (Accepted)

[9] Zheng Li, Quanrui Hao*, Xiaodong Yin,   Research on Reduced-order Small-signal Model of Modular Multilevel   Converter[J]. Proceedings of CSEE, 2018, 38(12):3638-3650.

[10] Jiufang Man, Quanrui   Hao*, Houlei Gao, Suppression of Three-phase Unbalanced Current of   Transmission Lines Based on Symmetrical Component Control of MMC-UPFC[J]. Proceedings   of CSEE, 2017, 37(24):7143-7153.

[11] Xiaodong Yin, Quanrui Hao*, Zheng Li,   Fast Simulation Method for Improved Topologies of Modular Multilevel   Converter with DC Fault Current Blocking Capability[J]. High Voltage   Engineering, 2017, 43(7): 2183-2193.

[12] Yu Chen, Quanrui Hao*, Jing Zhang. Dynamic   Flow Algorithm for Hybrid AC/DC Networks With VSC-HVDC [J]. Power System   Technology, 2018, 42(9): 2892-2899.

[13] Bowei Li, Quanrui Hao*, Xiaodong Yin. Transient   characteristics of DC circuit breaker based on IGBT load model[J]. Global   Energy Interconnection, 2018, 1(4): 437-444.

[14]Chunyi Wang, Quanrui   Hao*, Feng Gao. Control of three-phase series-connected MMC based HVDC   station under unbalanced grid conditions[J]. Power System Protection and   Control, 2016, 44(11): 16-25.


Government Sponsored   Research:

1. The research on stability of MMC and flexible   HVDC under asymmetric AC voltage based on small signal method, sponsored by   The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), (51877125),   2019.01-2022.12, Person in charge.

2. The research on intermediate fall point control strategy   of HVDC transmission lines based on three-phase Series-connected Half   H-bridge MMC, sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth   Foundation, (51507093), 2016.01-2018.12, Person in charge.

3. 500kV DC circuit breaker topology electrical   characteristics and adaptability, sponsored by National Research and   Development Program Sub-Project, (2017YFB0902402), 2017.07-2020.06,Person in   charge.

4. Multi-physical field, multi-time scale joint   modeling and simulation method for large-capacity power electronic equipment,   sponsored by National Research and Development Program Sub-Project,   (2018YFB0905804), 2018.07-2021.06, Person in charge.

5. The research on key techniques of multi-terminal   hybrid HVDC transmission based on three-phase series MMC, sponsored by Shandong   Natural Internal Foundation Youth Foundation, (ZR2014EEQ033), 2014.12-2017.12,   Person in charge.

Enterprise   Sponsored Research:

1. Research on Voltage Coordination Control   Technology of Large-scale New Energy Island System in ZhangbeiVSC-HVDC grid,   sponsored by State Grid Headquarters, 2018.04-2019.12, Person in charge.

2. Operation characteristics analysis of VSC-HVDC   interfaced with new energy, sponsored by State GridJibei Power Supply   Company, 2017.09-2017.12, Person in charge.

3. Active   Distribution Network Ultra-high Speed Intelligent Distribution Technology   Research and Key Equipment Development, sponsored by State Grid XJGroup   Corporation, 2014.12- 2015.12, Person in charge.

Academic types

Researching   and Teaching

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