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Gao Zhanjun
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Relay   protection institute


Associate   professor


Personal message


Gao Zhanjun  



Date   of Birth




Professional   Title

Associate professor







1993.9-1997.7,   Shandong University of Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering,   Bachelor

1997.9-2000.1,   Shandong University of Technology, School of Electrical Engineering, Master

2000.4-2002.10,   Assistant Professor, School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University

2002.11-2008.10,   Shandong University, School of Electrical Engineering, Lecturer, and Ph.D.   from 2002 to 2006

From 2008.10   to present, Shandong university, school of electrical engineering, Associate   professor

Research Direction

Power   system relay protection, power system and automation, power system fault   analysis


1. 基于组件的电力系统保护与控制实训仿真系统研究,获得山东电力科学技术三等奖

Research on   component-based power system protection and control training simulation   system, won the third prize of Shandong Electric Power Science and Technology

2. 发表EI收录期刊及会议论文三十余篇:

Published   more than 30 articles in EI journals and conference papers:

(1) 基于网络树状图和改进D-S证据理论的配电网故障定位方法[J]. 电力自动化设备,   2018

Distribution   network fault location method based on network tree diagram and improved D-S   evidence theory[J]. Electric Power Automation Equipment, 2018

(2) 基于继电保护时空参数的电网故障诊断模型[J],电力系统自动化,2012

Grid fault   diagnosis model based on space-time parameters of relay protection [J], Power   System Automation, 2012

3)、Gao   Zhanjun, Peng Zhengliang, Gao Nuo. “A Distribution Network Fault Data Method   Based on Association Rule Mining”,Power and Energy   Engineering Conference (APPEEC), 2014 IEEE PES Asia-Pacific

4)、Gao   Zhanjun, Wang Junshan, Gao Nuo, “Fault diagnosis method of the intelligent    substation”,Power and Energy   Engineering Conference (APPEEC), 2014 IEEE PES Asia-Pacific

5)、Gao ZhanjunWang JunshanGao Nuo, “   A Substation Fault Diagnosis Method Based on IEC61850.” 2015 IEEE POWER &   ENERGY SOCIETY GENERAL MEETING

6)、Gao ZhanjunWang TaoChen Qing,   “Research and development of simulation and training systems of protective   relaying based on component,” 2012 IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies -   Asia, ISGT Asia 2012

7)、Gao   Zhanjun, Gao Nuo, Wang Lei, Li Zhaofei, “Power system fault diagnosis based    on power grid” 11th IET International Conference on Developments in   Power Systems Protection, DPSP 2012

8Zhao Y, Gao Z, Zhu Y, et al.   “A new virtual relay protection simulation system   of substation based on IEC61850 standard”,Power and Energy   Engineering Conference (APPEEC), 2016IEEE PES Asia-Pacific

9)、Zhang, Zhen ,Gao, ZhanjunLi, Siyuan,et   al.“The method of distribution network fault location based on improved   Dempster-Shafer Theory of evidence”,Power and Energy   Engineering Conference (APPEEC), 2017IEEE PES Asia-Pacific

10)、Zhang,   Fanbin,Gao, Zhanjun, Zhao, Yao, Zhao, Yan.“Status Evaluation of Secondary   System in Intelligent Substation”,2017 IEEE 2nd InformationTechnology,   Networking, Electronic and Automation Control Conference


As the   person in charge of the project, he was responsible for the National Natural   Science Foundation project, and the State Grid and enterprises and   enterprises have a number of horizontal projects. They also participated in a   number of scientific research projects including the National 863 Program.

(1)   National Natural Science Fund Project: Research on Intelligent Substation   Fault Diagnosis and Evaluation Method Considering Networked Secondary System

(2)   Entrusted projects by enterprises and institutions: research on key   technologies of intelligent substation protection simulation

(3)   Horizontal Project of State Grid Corporation: Research on Key Technologies of   Component-Based Power System Protection and Control Training Simulation   System

(4) 863   Plan Project: Protection and Control 2 - New Relay Protection for Smart   Distribution Network (6th)

Academic types

Teaching   and research

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