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Dong Xiaoming
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Power   System and Automation


IEEE   Member.

Personal message


Xiaoming   Dong



Date   of Birth

Apr. 5,   1980


Yantai,   Shandong

Professional   Title

Associate Research   Fellow








2015~ School of   Electrical Engineering, Shandong University (Research Associate Professor)

2013~2015 Tsinghua University   (Research Associate)

2003~2006 XuJiKeHua Automation   Limited Corporation(Programmer,   Project Manager)

Research Direction

My   research of interest focuses on the research of numerical calculation and   analysis of power network, which can be divided into the following three   aspects.

1.   Study on network transmission capacity considering the electric coupling   theory of transmission line.

2.   Study on the evaluation method of power system static voltage stability.

3.   Study on operation characteristics and calculation methods of zonal interconnected   power grids.


[1] Xiaoming Dong, Chengfu Wang, Zhihao Yun, et al. Calculation of   optimal load margin based on improved continuation power flow model[J]. International Journal of Electrical Power   & Energy Systems, 2018, 94: 225-233.

[2] Xiaoming Dong, Chengfu Wang, Zhihao Yun, et al. Power Flow   Analysis Considering Automatic Generation Control for Multi-Area   Interconnection Power Networks[J]. IEEE   Transactions on Industry Applications, 2017, 53(6):5200-5208.

[3] Xiaoming Dong, Chongqing Kang, et al. Static Analysis of Power Transfer Limit Considering   Factors in Thermal balance of Overhead Conductors. IET Generation Transmission & Distribution, 2015, 9(14):2007-2013.

[4] Xiaoming   Dong, Chongqing Kang, et al. Estimating Life-Cycle Energy   Payback Ratio of Overhead Transmission Line toward low-carbon development.   Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean   Energy, 2015, 3(1): 123-130.

[5] Xiaoming   Dong,   Chengfu Wang,Jun Liang, et al. Calculation of Power Transfer Limit   Considering Electro-Thermal Coupling of Overhead Transmission Line[J].IEEE Transactions on Power Systems,   2014, 29(4):1503-1511.

[6] Xiao-ming Dong, Jun Liang,Xue-shan Han, et al.Model and calculation of continuation power flow considering change of   transmission line temperature [J].Power System Protection and Control. 2012, 40(23): 36-41. (Chinese)

[7] Xiaoming Dong, Jun Liang,XueshanHan,et al.Analysis and improvement on parameter selection strategy and step   size controlling in continuation power flow [J]. Automation of Electric Power System, 2011,35(13): 49-54. (Chinese)


[1] Research on Operation   Simulation andEvaluation Method of New Energy Grid Considering Meteorological   Factors. (China Postdoctoral Science Foundation) (PI)

[2] Research on Economic,   Planning, Policy and Business Model of Large-scale Energy Storage in Future   Low-carbon Power System. (National Natural Science Foundation of China/National   Major International Cooperation and Exchange Project) (Co-PI)

[3] Uncertainty analysis of   power system. (National Natural Science Foundation of China/ National   Outstanding Youth Science Foundation)(Co-PI)

[4] Research on Accurate   Load Characteristic Information Acquisition and Accurate Load Modeling in   Power System Modeling. (National Natural Science Foundation)(Co-PI)

[5] Research on Regulation   and Control Theory of Gradual Learning Power Network Aggregation. (National   Natural Science Foundation)(Co-PI)

[6] Research on Electric   Heating Coordination Theory in Power System Operation and Dispatching.   (National Natural Science Foundation)(Co-PI)

[7] Study on Key   Technologies of Energy Efficiency Improvement and Energy Conservation   Evaluation of Power Grid under Low Carbon Development Mode. (State Grid   Corporationof China)(Co-PI)

[8] Research on large grid   planning and operation control technology of major projects. (State Grid   Corporationof China)(Co-PI)

[9] Research on key   technologies of power planning and production simulation of large-scale UHV   mixed end system. (State Grid Corporationof China)(Co-PI)

[10] Research on key   technologies of power network planning in coordination with large scale   development of new energy. (China Southern Power Grid Corporation)(Co-PI)

[11] Research on Shandong   Energy-Saving Low-carbon Power Grid in the Background of Smart Grid.   (Shandong Electric Power Corporation) (Co-PI)

[12] Voltage Stability   Analysis of Shandong Power Grid with DC Access Conditions. (Shandong Electric   Power Corporation) (Co-PI)

[13] Analysis the ability of   Shandong power grid access to wind power. (Shandong Electric Power   Corporation) (Co-PI)

[14] Research on the Key   Problems of Reactive Voltage Regulate Planning in Shandong Province.   (Shandong Electric Power Corporation) (Co-PI)

Academic types

Teaching   & Scientific Research

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