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Cong Wei
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Power System   Relay Protection Research Institute


Doctor of   Engineering, Associate Professor,

Master’s tutor

Personal message





Date   of Birth



Shandong Wendeng

Professional   Title

Associate   Professor


Associate   Director





1996.9-2000.6School of   Electric Power of Shandong industrial universityundergraduate

2000.9-2005.12School of   Electrical Engineering of Shandong University,doctor

2006.4to presentSchool of   Electrical Engineering of Shandong University,teacher


Research Direction

Power   system protective relying

Fault   self-healing of Smart distribution network

Grid   meteorological disaster monitoring and early warning


[1]EHV transmission project(Translation),2008.1,China Machine Press.

[2]English for Electrical Engineering(first edition:2010.4,second edition:2015.8),China Electric Power Press.

[3]Distributed power supply recovery method   based on intelligent power distribution terminal,Automation of Electric Power   Systems2018.8

[4]Distributed Storage and Management Method for Topology Information of Smart Distribution Network,Automation   of Electric Power Systems,2017.7

[5]Transformer Inrush Current Restraining Scheme Based on

Switching Voltage Amplitude Controlling Method,Automation   of Electric Power Systems,2017.4

[6]A Fault Directional Element Based on Voltage Variation Amplitude Comparison for Smart Distribution Network,Automation   of Electric Power Systems,2014.8

[7]An Online Associated Area Determining Method for Distributed Regional Longitudinal Protection in Smart Distribution Grid,Automation   of Electric Power Systems,2014.6

[8]Smart Distribution Network Partition and Island Identification Method Based on Reachability Matrix,Automation   of Electric Power Systems,2013.12

[9]Smart Distribution Terminal Unit and Its Standardized Modeling,Automation of Electric Power Systems,2013.5

[10]Unified Pilot Protection System Based on Digital Channel,Automation of Electric Power Systems,2012.1

[11]A Protection Algorithm for Current Transformer Saturation   Countermeasures Based on Principles of Unified Pilot Protection,Automation of Electric Power Systems,2011.12

[12]Fault Detection and Isolation Algorithm for Distribution Network Containing Distributed Generations,Automation of Electric Power Systems,2011.5

He has published 12 papers in other   journals and published more than 30 papers in international conferences.


[1] National Natural Science Foundation of   China 2

[2] National Natural Science Foundation   Youth Fund project 1

[3] Natural Science Fund Project of   Shandong 1

[4] Fund for outstanding young scientists   of Shandong 1

[5] State Grid Corporation Major Science   and Technology Project 1

[6]State Grid Corporation of focus and   general technology projects 10

[7] Project of Daqing Petroleum   Administration 1

[8] Project of Shanxi Jincheng   Anthracitemining Group 1

Participated in 1 national “863 Project”   and 1 national key research and development plan project, and participated in   4 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation

Academic types

Academic,   profession

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