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Chu Xiaodong
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Power   Systems Research Institute


Postgraduate   supervisor

Member of   IEEE

Member of   CIGRE


Personal message


Xiaodong   Chu



Date   of Birth

March, 1978


Jinan,   China

Professional   Title

Associate   Professor







2006.09-School of Electrical Engineering at Shandong   University

2010.02-2011.02Cardiff University in UK

Research Direction

Power   system stability analysis and control

Flexibility   resources of power systems

Integration   of renewable energy

Cyber-physical   system modelling for energy systems


Journal articles:

Chunlei Zhang, Xiaodong Chu, Bing Zhang, et al. A   coordinated DC power support strategy for multi-infeed HVDC systems.   Energies, 2018, 11(7): 1637.

Changcheng Song, Xiaodong Chu, Linlin Ma, et al. An   efficient controlled islanding strategy for large-scale AC/DC power systems.   Energies, 2018, 11(6): 1483.

Meng Liu, Xiaodong Chu, Wen Zhang, Yan Zhang. A   coordinated AGC strategy for interconnected power grid based on cooperative   game theory. Power System Technology, 2017, 41(5): 1590-1597 (in Chinese).

Jinyu Liu, Wen   Zhang, Xiaodong Chu, Yutian Liu.   Fuzzy logic controller for energy savings in a smart LED lighting system   considering lighting comfort and daylight. Energy and Buildings, 2016(127):   95–104.

Meng Liu, Xiaodong Chu, Wen Zhang,Hongtao Wang.   Cooperative generation-load frequency control strategy accounting for power   network constraints. Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society, 2016,   31(6): 195-205 (in Chinese).

Kai Wang, Xiaodong Chu, Wen Zhang. Cooperative   optimization for supply/demand side reserve by decoupling cost and value of   reserve. Proceedings of the CSEE, 2015, 35(20): 5188-5198 (in Chinese).

Rongxiang Zhang, Xiaodong Chu, Wen Zhang, Yutian Liu.   Active participation of air conditioners in power system frequency control   considering users’ thermal comfort. Energies, 2015, 8(10): 10818-10841.

Shen Liu, Xiaodong Chu, Wen Zhang. Regional   wind power forecasting during ramp period using meteorological measurement   field data. Automation of Electric Power Systems, 2015, 39(16): 29-36 (in   Chinese).

Meng Liu, Xiaodong Chu, Wen Zhang, Yutian Liu.   Dispatch and control strategies for air-conditioning load groups based on   maintenance of load diversity. Proceedings of the CSEE, 2014, 34(22):   3674-3682 (in Chinese).

Conference articles:

Yu Yi, Xiaodong Chu, Yutian Liu. Activating   reactive power support from active distribution systems, in 2018 IEEE PES   General Meeting, Portland, USA, August 5-9, 2018.

Weihao Wang, Xiaodong Chu, Ke Xiao. A distributed   economic AGC strategy integrating dynamic demand response, in 2018 IEEE PES   General Meeting, Portland, USA, August 5-9, 2018.

Chunlei Zhang, Xiaodong Chu. Voltage regulation   strategy for active distribution network coordinating DGs, ESS units and   OLTC, in 2017 IEEE PES General Meeting, Chicago, USA, July 16-20, 2017. (Best   Conference Paper)

Changcheng Song, Xiaodong Chu. Optimal scheduling of   flexibility resources incorporating dynamic line rating, in 2017 IEEE PES   General Meeting, Chicago, USA, July 16-20, 2017. (Best Conference Paper)

Maoseng Tang, Xiaodong Chu. Energy and reserve   scheduling for active distribution system using stochastic programming, in   2017 IEEE PES General Meeting, Chicago, USA, July 16-20, 2017.

Haoyi   Huang, Xiaodong Chu. Improving   rotational inertia of power system with variable speed synchronous condenser,   in 2017 IEEE PES General Meeting, Chicago, USA, July 16-20, 2017.


Key Technology Research on Physics and   information System for Macroscopic Programming of the Global Energy   Interconnection, Science and Technology Project of State Grid Cooperation of   China.

Operational Technologies for Multi-Infeed HVDC   Systems of Shandong Power Grid, Science and Technology Projects of State Grid   Shandong Electric Power Company.

Cooperative control mechanisms on load swarms of   energy storageproperty, National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Integrated Pilot Project for Smart Grid   Architecture Supporting Low-Carbon Winter Olympics, National Key Research and   Development Program of China.

Mid-Long Term Voltage Stability Analysis and   Control in Load Center Power Grids, National Natural Science Foundation of   China.

Academic types

MPhil, ME

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