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Han Xueshan
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Power   system and automation, electrical engineering


State   Council special allowance expert

Jilin   Province has outstanding contributions to young and middle-aged experts

The first   batch of young and middle-aged teachers in Jilin Province

Personal message


Han Xueshan



Date   of Birth

November   10, 1959


Dalian,   Liaoning

Professional   Title



Associate   dean






1980.9-1984.7:   Bachelor of Engineering, Power Engineering and Power Systems, Northeast   Electric Power College

1986.9-1989.10:   Graduate School of Northeast Electric Power College, Department of Power   Systems and Automation, Master of Engineering

1991.9-1994.7:   Doctor of Engineering in Power System and Automation, Harbin Institute of   Technology

1984.7-1991.9:   Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Department of Power, Northeast Electric Power   College

1994.7-1998.10:   Associate Professor and Professor of Electric Power Department of Northeast   Electric Power College, Deputy Director and Director of Electric Power

1998.10-2000.10:   Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, RESEARCH FELLOW.

2000.10-2001.11:   Professor of the Department of Electric Power and Secretary of the Party   Branch of Northeast Electric Power College

2001.11-present:   Professor, Ph.D., School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University

2004.04-2018.04:   Associate Dean, School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University

Research Direction

Research   direction: power system operation analysis and control, optimization   scheduling, EMS and power market, etc.

Teaching   courses: Power System Safety and Economic Operation Theory (Ph.D.); Basic   Models and Algorithms for Power System Security and Economic Operation   (Master's Degree); Introduction to Power Market (Undergraduate); Power System   Engineering Foundation (Undergraduate)


1.Research   on dynamic optimization scheduling of power system won the second prize of   scientific and technological progress in Chinese universities


2.The power   plant operation decision support system won the second prize of Shandong   Science and Technology Progress Award.


3. The   computer-aided teaching system of the power system won the first prize of the   outstanding teaching achievements of the former Ministry of Power Industry.


4. Edited   the National Eleventh Five-Year Plan Textbook "Power System Engineering   Foundation"


5. Dynamic   economic dispatch: feasible and optimal solutions [J]. IEEE Trans. on Power Systems,   2001


6. Dispatch   problems due to ramp rate constraints: bottleneck analysis and solutions [J].   Electric Power Components and Systems, 2003


7.   Effective economic dispatch model and algorithm [J]. Electrical Power and   Energy Systems, 2007


8. Economic   dispatching of power system operation synergy[J]. Proceedings of the CSEE,   2014


9.   Coordinated scheduling of power systems with voltage regulation   effects[J].Journal of Electric Engineering and Technology,2015


10.   Frequency aware robust economic dispatch[J].Journal of Modern Power Systems   and Clean Energy(SCI), 2016


11.   Wind-storage cooperation decision based on reinforcement learning method[J].电网技术,2016


12.   Transformer opportunity maintenance model considering fault propagation[J].   Proceedings of the CSEE, 2017


13.   Risk-based admissibility analysis of wind power integration into power system   with energy storage system [J]. IEEE Access (SCI), 2018

14.   Adaptive robust unit commitment considering distributional   uncertainty[J].International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems   (SCI), 2018


1. Research   on rigid optimization and flexible decision theory in power system operation   scheduling, National Natural Science Foundation of China (50377021), 220,000   yuan, has been completed.

2. Research   on the theory of electrothermal coordination in power system operation and   dispatching, National Natural Science Foundation of China (50677036), 310,000   yuan, has been completed.

3.   Theoretical research on coordinated scheduling of power systems (51477091),   750,000 yuan, in research

4. Research   on renewable energy synergistic consumption technology under the energy   Internet,490,000 yuan,in research.

5,   data-driven energy Internet intelligent control technology research, 700,000   yuan, in research.

6. Research   on transmission network planning system with high proportion of renewable   energy grid-connected conditions taking into account the synergy effect of   source network, 696,000 yuan, in research

7. Research   on time-varying performance evaluation and optimization planning of UHV AC-DC   feeding means, 746,000 yuan, in research

Academic types

Academic,   professional


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