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Sun Yuanyuan
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Research Institute

Department   of Power Electronics and Power Transmission

Academic status

Ph.D   Supervisor, Selected Candidate of Young Scholar Program of Shandong   University, IEEE Member, Youth Editorial Board Member of Power System   Protection and Control

Personal message


Yuanyuan   Sun



Date   of Birth



Zibo,   Shandong

Professional   Title

Associate   Professor






Working Experience

2013.09-Present Associate Professor, School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong   University

2014.01-2015.01 Government-Sponsored Visiting   Scholar,School of Electrical Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada

2009.07-2011.06 Postdoctoral Fellow,Postdoctoral Research   Station of Control Science and Engineering, Shandong University

2006.07-2007.07 Co-supervised Ph. D   student, School of Electrical Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada

Research Direction

Electrical   power quality, Flexible direct current transmission, Smart distribution   system, Offshore platform power system


[1] Yuanyuan Sun,   Guibin Zhang, Wilsun Xu, Julio G. Mayordomo. A harmonically coupled   admittance matrix model for AC/DC converters[J]. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2007, 22(4): 1574-1582.   (SCI)

[2] Wang   Yang, Jing Yong, Yuanyuan Sun,   Wilsun Xu, and Daniel Wong. Characteristics of harmonic distortions in   residential distribution systems[J]. IEEE   Transactions on Power Delivery, 2017, 32 (3): 1495-1504. (SCI)

[3] Yuanyuan Sun,   Chuankai Dai, Jiaqi Li, Jing Yong. Frequency-domain harmonic matrix model for   three-phase diode-bridge rectifier[J]. IET   Generation, Transmission & Distribution, 2016, 10(7): 1605-1614.   (SCI)

[4] Yuanyuan Sun,   Xiangmin Xie, Peixin Li. Unbalanced source identification at the point of   evaluation in the distribution power systems[J]. International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems, 2018, 28(1): e2460. (SCI)

[5] Yuanyuan Sun,   Peixin Li, Shurong Li, Bingwei Zhang. Contribution determination for multiple   unbalanced sources at the point of common coupling[J]. Energies   201710(2):   171. (SCI)

[6] Yuanyuan   Sun, Fuzhao   Liu, Jiaqi Li, Kun Zhang. Unified harmonic models and operational mode   determination for the three-phase uncontrolled voltage source converters[J]. Proceedings of the CSEE, 2016, 36(13):   3413-3421. (EI)

[7] Yuanyuan Sun, Jiaqi Li, Zhiming Yin. Quantifying   harmonic impacts for concentrated multiple harmonic sources using actual   data[J]. Proceedings of the CSEE, 2014, 34(13): 2164-2171. (EI)

[8] Yuanyuan Sun,   Jiaqi Li, Zhiming Yin, Guangzhu Wang. A frequency domain harmonic   model for uncontrolled rectifier in AC/DC/AC converters[J].Proceedings   of the CSEE, 2015, 35(21):   5483-5491.(EI)

[9] Yuanyuan   Sun, Zhiming Yin. Quantifying harmonic responsibilities of   multiple harmonic sources based on M-estimation robust regression[J].Proceedings   of the CSEE, 2012, 32(31): 166-173.(EI)

[10] Yuanyuan Sun,   Xiaoyu Wang, Zhiming Yin. Non-iterative harmonic   power flow analysis for power systems with multiple harmonic sources[J]. Proceedings   of the CSEE, 2012, 32(7): 83-90. (EI)

[11] Weijie Zheng, Yuanyuan Sun, Wilsun   Xu. Harmonic power flow   calculation using linearly coupled admittance matrix model for nonlinear   elements[J]. Proceedings of the CSEE, 2008, 28(10): 117-122. (EI)

[12] Yuanyuan   Sun, Xiaoyu Wang, Zhiming Yin. Harmonic   characteristics of AC/DC converters and their simplified models[J].   Automationof Electric Power Systems, 2012, 36(7): 51-56. (EI)

[13] Yuanyuan Sun, Peixin Li, Zhiming Yin. Harmonic   source identification based on threshold voltage method[J]. Automationof   Electric Power Systems, 2015, (23):145-151.(EI)

[14] Yuanyuan Sun, Zhiming Yin, Weijie Zheng, Ying Liu.   Study of the harmonic producing characteristics of the thyristor controlled   reactors[J]. Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society, 2012, 26(7):   267-273. (EI)

[15] Yuanyuan Sun,   Wilsun Xu. Harmonic analysis method for converter[J]. Electric Power   Automation Equipment, 2009, 29(3): 10-15. (EI)

Research Projects

1. National Natural Science Foundation of   China,Harmonic randomness analysis and research on comprehensive control   measures of residential loads, 2015/08-2019/12, Project Leader.

2. Sub-Project of National Key R&D Program   of China, Research on dynamic models and stress characteristics of key   components in offshore multi-platform interconnected power system,   2018/07-2021/06, Project Leader.

3. Sub-Project of National Key R&D Program   of China, Research on key technologies of smart distribution network   operation based on micro-PMUs (harmonic source identification),   2017/07-2020/12, Project Leader.

4. Science and Technology Project of SGCC,   Research on coordinated control theory and control method for passive   delivery of large scale new energy flexible direct current grid,   2018/01-2020/12, Project Leader.

5. East China Electric Power Test &   Research Institute, Research on auxiliary analysis of power quality assessment   for power grid based on shipping technology and safety research facilities   and base construction projects, 2017/11-2018/06, Project Leader.

6. Young   Scholar Program of Shandong University, Harmonic aggregate   effect and influence analysis of residential harmonic sources,   2016/07-2021/07, Project Leader.

7. Youth Foundation Project of the National   Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on harmonic source   responsibility partition method based on measured data, 2012/01-2014/12,   Project Leader.

8. Research Program of State Grid Shandong   Electric Power Company, Research on Key Technologies of regional situation awarenessfor   the smart distribution network, 2018.03-2019.03,Main participant of the Project.

9. National Natural Science Foundation of   China, Integrated hybrid topology optimization and control for electric   vehicle driving system and high efficiency charging of battery,   2015/08-2019/12,Main participant of the Project.

Academic types

Recruit new   students pursuing master degree (including Master of Science and Master of   Engineering)and Ph. D degree;

Requirements:Students should be diligent, earnest and with good   foundation of power system, power electronics, mathematical analysis, and good   English skills.E-mail the resume and detailed transcripts.


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