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Zhang Li
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Institute of High Voltage   and Insulation Technology


Academic secretary of Key   Laboratory of UHV transmission and transformation technology and equipment in   Shandong

Personal message


Zhang Li



Date   of Birth



Jining,   Shandong

Professional   Title

Associate   Professor







1. 1997.9-2001.6, ShandongUniversity,   Electrical Engineering and Automation, B.S.;

2. 2001.7-2002.6,Shandong   Electric Power Construction Second Engineering Company,assistant engineer;

3. 2002.9-2005.6,   ShandongUniversity, Electrical Engineering and Automation, M.S.;

4. 2005.9-2009.6,   ShandongUniversity,High voltage and insulation technology,PhD;

5. 2008.1-2008.12,University of   Liverpool,Joint training doctoral students;

6. 2009.7-2011.6,   ShandongUniversity,School of PhysicsPostdoctoral;

7. 2009.7-, ShandongUniversityAssociate Professor,PhD supervisor.

Research Direction

High voltage and insulation technology;

Electrical equipment online   monitoring;

New transmission technology;

Lightning protection for new   energy power system.



[1] ZHANG Li, LI Qingmin, WANG Wei, Wah Hoon Siew.   Electromagnetic interference analysis in HV substation due to a static var   compensator device[J]. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, January 2012,   27(1): 147-155

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[3] ZHANG Li, JIANG Liyang, ZHAO Tong, ZOU Liang.   Microcosmic Mechanism Investigation on Lightning Arc Damage of Wind Turbine   Blades Based on Molecular Reaction Dynamics and Impact Current Experiment[J].   Energies, 2017, 10(12):2010.

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[5] ZHANG Li,Zhang Wenfang, LIU Jinxin, et al. A New   Prediction Model for Transformer Winding Hotspot Temperature Fluctuation   Based on Fuzzy Information Granulation and an Optimized Wavelet Neural   Network[J].Energies,2017,10(12):1998.

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[7] ZHANG Li, ZHANG Yao, WANG Guozheng. Research on   lightning shielding of multi-wind turbine based on lightning physics and   lightning protection arrangement of wind farm [J]. Proceedings of the CSEE,   2018,38(18):5335-5342.

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of Electromagnetic   Antennas[J]. High Voltage Engineering, 2009, 35(8) : 1963-1969(EI 20093912337804)

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[1] Three-phase   four-switch parallel type APF control method under voltage imbalance [P].   Patent, ZL 2012 1 0165336.42014.04.09

[2] Active   noise reduction in the power transformer secondary source parameter   optimization method [P]. Chinese invention patent, ZL201210165061.4, 2014.04.09.

[3] Self-poweredconditioning   circuit based on spatial electromagnetic energy for power wireless sensor   [P].Utility model patent, ZL   2011 2 0336815.9 2012.5.30


[1] Lightning Strike Arc Impact Damage   Mechanism and High Frequency Decondary Electromagnetic Effect of Offshore Wind   Turbine,National Natural Science Foundation of China,2017.1-2020.12

[2] Study on Propagation   Mechanism and Active Noise Reduction of Power Transformer Strong Magnetic   Vibration,National Natural Science Foundation of China,2013.01.01-2015.12.31

[3] Research on Vibration   Mechanism and Active Noise Suppression Technology of High Power Transformer,Shandong   Young and Middle-aged Scientists Fund,2013.10.01-2015.12.31

[4] Electric Field Calculation Method   for UHV DC High-end Equipment under Strong Field Space Charge Effect,China   Postdoctoral Science Foundation,2010.06.29

[5] Research on Topology Design   and Control Technology of Microgrid New Energy Composite Energy Storage   System, State Key Laboratory Of Alternate Electrical Power System With   Renewable Energy Source, 2013.01.01-2014.12.31

[6] Damage Mechanism of Lightning   Arc to Blade Material and Electromagnetic Coupling Effect of Strong Field Space,   State Key Laboratory Of Alternate Electrical Power System With Renewable   Energy Source, 2016.01-2017.12

[7] Research on New Fault   Current Limiter Based on Permanent Magnet Bias Saturation Principle,Shandong   Postdoctoral Innovation Fund, 2009.12.25

[8] Research on Rapid   Electromagnetic Transient Mechanism and Protection Technology of High-speed   Railway Traction Power Supply System under Dynamic Condition, Shandong   University Science and Technology Innovation Project, 2012.01.01-2014.12.31

[9] DC Bias Suppression Technology,   2010.12.24-2010.12.31

[10] Research on Scheme of   Centralized Reactive Power Compensation Device for Wind Farm, 2014.08.01-2016.05.30

[11] High Voltage Cable PD Field Tes,   2014.07.01-2015.10.31

[12] Research on Key Technologies   of Single-conductor AC/DC Hybrid Transmission and Distribution,   2014.05.01-2014.10.01.

[13] Evaluation and Diagnosis of   Oil and Sulfur Insulation Age Based on Corrosive Sulfur and Acidity Analysis   in Oil, 2013.11.15-2014.03.15

[14] Development of Wireless Self-powered   Technology for Intelligent Substation Online Monitoring System,   2013.07.03-2013.10.31

[15] Research on Self-powered Device   Based on Space Electromagnetic Field, 2012.01.01-2012.12.31

[16] Research on Space Electromagnetic   Interference Protection of Smoothing Reactor, National Grid Major Science and   Technology Project, 2017.1-2018.12

[17] Lightning Disaster Assessment   and Lightning Electromagnetic Induction Protection, Shandong Electric Power   Engineering Consulting Institute Co., Ltd., 2016.12-2017.11

[18] Development of Transformer Dielectric   Response Test Device and State Evaluation System, North China Electric Power   University, 2017.06-2017.12


Academic   types

Master's Supervisor, Ph.D. Supervisor;



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