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Wang Zhenshu
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Institute   of Electrical Systems


Taishan Leading   Talent

Doctoral Supervisor

Senior   member of Chinese Electrotechnical Society(CES)

Member of   Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering

Member of   IEEE and IEEE PES

Personal message


Wang Zhenshu  



Date   of Birth



Jining in   Shandong province

Professional   Title









2002.5-Today   Associate Professor, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of School of   Electrical Engineering of Shandong


2006.5-2009.8Major in Electric Power System and Automation for   PhD in School of Electrical and Information Engineering of Tianjin University

1994.7-2002.4Design   in electric design institute

1992.2-1994.6 Research intelligent   control in academy of sciences

Research Direction

Power System Analysis and Control

Smart Grid and New Energy Generation


1.Wang   Zhenshu; Ji Na; Ma Yangyang; Liu Zhanjie; Wang Yu. Model selection mechanism   of Interactive Multiple Load Modeling[J]. International Journal of Electrical   Power and Energy Systems, Vol.103,P58-66,   December 2018.SCI: 000439746200007; EI20182205242049

2.Liu   Zhanjie; Wang Zhenshu; Ji Na; Wang Yu . Load shifting optimization   strategyconsidering base station energy storage[C]. Proceedings of 2017China   International Electrical and Energy Conference, October 25-27, 2017,   Beijing,China,P468-472. (EI: 20182905577721)

3.Ji Na;   Wang Zhenshu; Liu Zhanjie; WangYu. Research on interacting multiple model selection rule of power   load[C]. 2017 IEEE Conference on   Energy Internet and Energy System Integration, November 27-28,2017, Beijing,   China, EI2 2017 - Proceedings, Vol.2018-January,P1-6. (EI: 20182705391881)

4. Zhang   Qi; Wang Zhenshu; Sun Yu; Wang Yu; Liu Zhanjie. The Power System   EnvironmentalOptimal Dispatch Containing Air Quality Forecast[J]. Energy   Procedia,Vol.105,P 3623-3628, 2017.(EI: 20172503792408)

5. Wang   Zhenshu, Shi Yunpeng, Wang Xiaodi, Zhang Qi & Qu Shichao. Economic   Dispatch of Power System Containing Wind Power and Photovoltaic Considering Carbon Trading and Spare   Capacity Variation[J]. International   Journal of GreenEnergy2016,13(12):1267-1280.(SCI: 000386889200008,EI:   20164302950372)

6. Zuo Jie;   Wang Zhenshu; Zhu Yueyong. Electrical power prediction based on oscillating   buoy wave energy converter[C]. 2016 International Conference on Smart Grid   and CleanEnergy Technologies, October 19-22, 2016, Chengdu, China, p 226-229.   (EI: 20171603571350)

7. Wang   Zhenshu, JiangXiaohui, Bian Shaorun, Ma Yangyang, Fan Bowen. Accurate Load   Modeling Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process[J]. Journal of Electrical   and Computer Engineering, v 2016, 2016.(EI: 20161602252740)

8. Wu   Dapeng; Wang Zhenshu. Research on synchrophasor computing based on massive COMTRADE Data[C]. 2016   IEEE International Conference on Power and Renewable Energy, October 21-23,   2016, Shanghai, China,P442-445.(EI: 20171503560044)

9. Qu Shichao;   Wang Zhenshu; Zhang Qi; Zuo Jie; Sun Yu; Wu Dapeng. Voltage stability   analysis for load center with   distributed generation[C]. Proceedings of 2016 IEEE Advanced Information   Management, Communicates, Electronic and Automation Control Conference, October   3-5, 2016, Xi'an, China,P850-853.   (EI: 20171403534939)

10.Zhang   Qi; Wang Zhenshu; Shi Yunpeng; Qu Shichao. The Optimal Dispatch with Combination of Wind Power and Photovoltaic   Power Systems[J]. Energy Procedia,Vol.103,P 94-99, December 1, 2016. (EI:   20170503311136)

11. Zhou   Guangyao; Wang Zhenshu; Wang Xueli. Study on the time variability of load characteristics based on Markov chain   Monte Carlo simulation[C]. Proceedings of the 5th IEEE International   Conference on Electric Utility Deregulation, Restructuring and Power   Technologies, November26,-29,2015,Changsha,China, P830-834.(EI:   20162102414603)

12. Jiang   Xiaohui; Wang Zhenshu; Ma Yangyang. An interactive load modeling basedon   decision-making method.[C]IEEERegion 10 Annual International Conference,   November 1 - 4, 2015, Macau, China, Proceedings/TENCON, Vol.2016. (EI:   20161502209589)

13.Ma   Yangyang ; Wang Zhenshu; Jiang Xiaohui; Fan Bowen. Research on adaptive   synthesis dynamic load model based on   multiple model ideology[C]. IEEE PES Asia-Pacific Power and Energy   Engineering Conference 2015, 15th-18th November 2015,Brisbane, Australia.   (EI: 20161902366817)

14.王振树,刘岩,雷鸣,卞绍润,石云鹏.基于Crowbar的双馈机组风电场等值模型与并网仿真分析[J], 电工技术学报, 2015, 30(4):44-51. (EI: 20151300692174)

Wang Zhenshu;Liu Yan;Lei Ming;Bian   Shaorun;Shi Yunpeng. Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Wind Farm Aggregated   Model Based on Crowbar and Integration Simulation Analysis[J].Transactions of   China Electrotechnicalsociety,2015,30(4):44-51.(EI:20151300692174)

15.Wang   Zhenshu; Yu Kai; Bian Shaorun. Exact Acquisition of Load Dynamic Characteristic Data Based   on ELM[C]. 2014 International Conference on Power and EnergyNovember 29-30, 2014,Shanghai,China, p129-136   (EI: 20161102105024)


Wang   Zhenshu;Shi Yunpeng;Yu Kai;Liu Xiaoyu.Economic dispatch of power system with   complementary scenery [C].The 30th Academic Annual Conference of Power System   and Automation in Chinese Colleges and Universities2014.8.21-22Beijing Jiaotong   University.

17.Wang   Zhenshu; Bian Shaorun; Zhang Dahai. Parameter Identification of Load Models   Using the CQDPSOAlgorithm[J], AdvancedMaterialsResearch,2014,986:1375-1378.(   EI: 20143418086098 )

18.Wang   Zhenshu; Bian Shaorun; Lei Ming; Zhao   Chuangang; Liu Yan; Zhao Zhifan. Feature extraction and classification of   load dynamic characteristics based on lifting wavelet packet transform in   power system load modeling[J]. International Journal of Electrical Power   and EnergySystems,2014,62:353-363.   (SCI: 000339601500038,


19.王振树,卞绍润,刘晓宇,于凯,石云鹏. 基于混沌与量子粒子群算法相结合的负荷模型参数辨识研究[J].电工技术学报,2014,2912):211-217. (   EI: 20150200412698)

Wang   Zhenshu;Bian Shaorun;Liu Xiaoyu;Yu Kai;Shi Yunpeng.Research on Load Model   Parameter Identification Based onthe CQDPSO Algorithm [J].Transactions of   China ElectrotechnicalSociety,2014,29(12):211-217. (EI: 20150200412698)

20.Wang   Zhenshu; Bian Shaorun; Liu Yan; Liu Zhonghui.The load characteristics classification and   synthesis of substations in large area power grid[J]. International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy   Systems, Vol.48,No.1,P71-82,2013.(SCI:000315250200008,EI:20130315909200)

21.王振树,林梅军, ,卞绍润.考虑光伏并网的配电网潮流计算, 电工技术学报[J], 2013, 28(9):178-185.(EI: 20134616974300)

Wang   Zhenshu;Lin Haijun;Liu Yan;Bian Shaorun.Power Flow Algorithm for Distribution   Network with Photovoltaic System, Transactions of China ElectrotechnicalSociety   [J], 2013, 28(9):178-185.(EI: 20134616974300)

22.Lin   Meijun; Wang Zhenshu; LiuYang; Meng Fanyao. Power prediction model of grid-connected   photovoltaic and power flow analysis[C].Asia-Pacific Power and Energy   Engineering Conference, March27-29,2012,Shanghai,China.(EI:20125015772212)


Liu   Yang;Wang Zhenshu;Lin Haijun.Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm   for Load Model Parameter Identification and Comparison with Particle Swarm Optimization   Algorithm [C]. The 27th Academic Annual Conference of Electrical Power System   and Automation in Chinese Colleges and Universities2011.10.14-17Yanshan   University.

24.Liu   Zhonghui; Wang Zhenshu; Su Meihua. Dynamic load modeling based on extreme   learning machine[J].Applied Mechanics   and Materials Vols. 195-196 (2012) pp 1043-1048. (EI:20124215568442)

25.Wang   Zhenshu; Li Linchuan; Niu Li. Power Load Modelling Based on Wide-area Measurements and   Support Vector Machine[C].Asia-Pacific Powerand Energy Engineering   Conference, March 28-30, 2009, Wuhan, Chinapp1591-1596. (EI:20093512276656)

26.Wang   Zhenshu; Li Linchuan; Li, Bo.Based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Simulated Annealing   Combined Algorithm for ReactivePower Optimization[C]. Asia-Pacific Power and   Energy Engineering Conference, March 28-30, 2009, Wuhan, China,pp1910-1914.   (EI:20093512276262)

27.王振树,李林川,牛丽. 基于贝叶斯证据框架的支撑向量机负荷建模[J].电工技术学报,200924(8):127-134+140 (EI: 20093712302234)

Wang   Zhenshu;Li Linchuan;Niu Li.Load Modeling Based on Support Vector Machine   Based on Bayesian Evidence Framework [J].Transactions of China   Electrotechnical Society200924(8):127-134+140 (EI: 20093712302234)

28.王振树,李林川,李波. 基于粒子群与模拟退火相结合的无功优化算法[J].betway电竞学报(工学版)2008386):15-20

Wang   Zhenshu;Li Linchuan;Li Bo.Reactive power optimization based on particle   swarmoptimization and simulated annealingcooperative algorithm [J].Journal of   Shandong University (Engineering)2008386):15-20


Wang   Zhenshu.Understanding Load Modeling of Power Systems From Complex Vision [J].University   Education Study2008,(7):164-165


1. Research on accurate load characteristics   information acquisition and accurate load modeling in power system modeling(51377099). Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC).   Project leader

2. Taishan Leading Talent(tscy20160522).People's   Government of Shandong Province

3. Research on the regional grid load modeling technology   support system(2014GGX101001).Science and Technology Development Plan of Shandong   Province. Project leader

4. Study of Load Dynamic Characteristics Based on PowerFault   Recording Monitoring(ZR2011EEM017).National Natural Science Foundation of Shandong   Province. Project leader

5. Study on Power Load Dynamic Characteristics Modeling   and Information Platform of Regional Power Grid(10GGX10109). Science and Technology Development Plan of Shandong   Province. Project leader

6. Modeling   of Dynamic Characteristics of Power Loads Based on Wide Area Measurement(Y2007F27). National Natural Science Foundation of   Shandong Province. Project leader

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