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Zhou Guibin
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Power   System Relay Protection Research Institute;

Power   System Dynamic Simulation and Simulation Laboratory


PhD Tutor;IEEE   Member

Personal message


Guibin Zou



Date   of Birth



Shandong   Anqiu

Professional   Title



Dynamicmodel   laboratory director







2013.9-present   Professor, School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University

2007.9-2013.9   Associate Professor, School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University

2002.4-2007.9   Lecturer, School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University

1995.7-2002.4   Shandong Finance College

Research Direction

Rapid   protection for AC and DC power grids; intelligent grid protection and fault   self-healing; distribution network automation technology


Published   more than 60 papers and published SCI/EI journal articles in recent years:

[1] A   Novel Protection and Location Scheme forPole-to-Pole Fault in MMC-MVDC   Distribution Grid, Energies, 2018,   11(8):1-17.

[2] Multi-time   scale optimal dispatch in ADN based on MILP, International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems,   2018, 102:393-400.

[3] A   Fast Non-Unit Protection Method Based on S Transform for HVDC Line, Electric Power Components and Systems,   2018,46(4): 472-482

[4] A   Novel Busbar Protection Based on the Average Product of Fault Components, Energies, 2018, 11(5):1-16.

[5] A   fast protection scheme for VSC based multi-terminal DC grid, International Journal of Electrical Power   & Energy Systems, 2018, 98:307-314.

[6] A   Traveling-Wave-Based Fault Location Schemefor MMC-Based Multi-Terminal DC   Grids, Energies, 2018, 11,   (2):1-15.

[7] A   novel busbar protection method based on polarity comparison of superimposed   current, IEEE Transactions on Power   Delivery, 2015.

[8] Extra   high speed hybrid protection scheme for high voltage transmission line, International Journal of Electrical Power   & Energy Systems, 2014.

[9] Fast   polit protection method based on waveform integral of traveling wave, International Journal of Electrical Power   & Energy Systems, 2013.

[10] A   traveling-wave-based amplitude integral busbar protection technique, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery,   2012.

[11] 一种分区协调控制的有源配电网调压方法,中国电机工程学报,2017.

A method of voltage   regulation with coordinated control of zonesfor active distribution networks,   Proceedings of the CSEE, 2017.

[12] 含逆变型分布式电源的配电网正序阻抗纵联保护方法,电力系统自动化,2017.

Positive-sequence   impedance longitudinal protection method for distribution network with IIDG, Automation   of Electric Power Systems, 2017.

[13] 基于S 变换的HVDC 输电线路纵联保护方法,中国电机工程学报,2016.

SVDC-based HVDC   transmission line longitudinal protection method, Proceedings of the CSEE,   2016.

[14] 方向行波波形积分式快速母线保护,中国电机工程学报,2014.

Directional   traveling wave waveform integral fast bus protection, Proceedings of the CSEE,   2014.



The   main projects hosted in recent years:

[1] Research   on fault current limiting and fast protection technology for multi-terminal   flexible DC power grid, National Natural Science Foundation of China   (2017-2020)

[2] Research   on adaptive protection theory and key technologies of DC distribution   network, State Grid Science and Technology Project (2017-2020)

[3] Research   on traveling wave energy comparison fast bus protection of intelligent   substation, National Natural Science Foundation of China (2013-2016)

[4] A   new generation of feeder automation protection control principle and   application technology research, Shandong Province Key Research and Development   Plan (2016-2018)

[5] Multi-source   collaborative optimization of active distribution network and rapid   self-healing technology research, State Grid Weifang Power Supply Company   Project (2018-2019)

[6] Research   on new protection and control technology of active distribution network,   State Grid Zaozhuang Power Supply Company Project (2015-2016)

Academic types



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