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Wang Hongtao
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School of   Electrical Engineering, Shandong University


Ph.D.supervisor,key member of‘Taishan Scholars’   special professor team,Director of UHV Power Grid Branch, key Laboratory   of‘Intelligent dispatching and Control of Power Grid’of Ministry of   Education,Senior member of IEEE,Senior member of China Electric Engineering   Society, Member of the Committee of experts on the connection and Operation   of New Energy sources in China Electrical Engineering Society,editorial   Committee of ‘Protection and Control of Power system’.


Personal message


Hongtao   Wang



Date   of Birth




Professional   Title



Doctoral supervisor






[2010.9-]   Professor

[2006.6-2008.6]Postdoctoral   candidate,School of computer Science and Technology, Shandong University

[2005.9-2010.9]   Associate Professor, Shandong University

[2001.9-2005.12]Lecturer,   Shandong University

[1998.7-2001.8]   Assistant Professor, Shandong University

Research Direction

Smart grid   risk defense,optimal operation and self-healing control,power system security   and stability analysis,renewable energy generation friendly grid-connected   technology


1)Jin Zhao,Hongtao Wang,Yutian   Liu, On-Line Load Restoration Considering Wind Power   Penetration[J],IEEE trans on Sustainable Energy. 2018,early access.

2)张旭,王洪涛.高比例可再生能源电力系统的输配协同优化调度方法[J],2018,电力系统自动化, 已录用.

XuZhang,HongtaoWang.Cooperative optimal   dispatching method of Transmission and Distribution for High proportion Renewable   Energy Power system[J],2018, Automation of Power system, hired

3) 赵瑾,王洪涛,曹曦.计及风电条件风险价值的负荷恢复双层优化[J]. 中国电机工程学报,2017,3718):5275-5285

Jin Zhao,Hongtao Wang,Xi Cao.Double layer   optimization of load recovery considering wind power condition risk value   [J].Chinese Journal of Electrical Engineering,201737(18):5275-5285

4)曹曦,王洪涛.大规模电网源荷协调恢复决策与控制方法.[J]. 中国电机工程学报,2017,376):1666-1675

Xi Cao,Hongtao Wang.Decision and Control method   for coordinated recovery of Source load in Large-Scale Power Grid.[J].Chinese   Journal of Electrical Engineering, 201737(6): 1666-1675

5)   Xi Cao,Hongtao Wang,Yutian Liu,et al.Coordinating self-healing control of   bulk power transmission system based   on a hierarchical top-down strategy.International Journal of Electric Power & Energy Systems.vol90,September 2017,   pages 147-157.

6)王浩,王洪涛,王春义. 计及冰雪天气影响的风电场短期出力模型. 电力系统保护与控制.201644(8):107-114

Hao Wang,Hongtao Wang,Chunyi Wang.A short-term   wind farm model considering the effects of ice and snow weather. Protection   and control of power systems-2016-44 (8): 107-114

7)何成明,王洪涛,王春义. 风电功率爬坡事件作用下考虑时序特性的系统风险评估. 电力自动化设备.   2016,36(1):35-41

Chengming   He, Hongtao Wang, Chunyi Wang. System risk assessment considering timing   characteristics under wind power climbing event. Electric power automation   equipment. 2016 36 (1): 35-41

8)陈彬,王洪涛,曹曦. 计及负荷模糊不确定性的网架重构后期负荷恢复优化. 电力系统自动化.2016,36(24):1-7

Bin Chen, Hongtao Wang, Xi Cao. Load recovery   optimization in the later stage of grid reconfiguration considering fuzzy   uncertainty of load. Automation of power systems-2016-36 (24): 1-7

9) 何成明,王洪涛. 风电场与AGC机组分布式协同实时控制,中国电机工程学报,2015,35(2):302-309

Chengming He, Hongtao Wang. Distributed   Cooperative Real-time Control of Wind Farm and AGC Unit, CSEE, 2015N35 (2):   302-309

10) 曹曦,王洪涛,刘玉田. 输电网架恢复的分层协同优化方法[J].中国电机工程学报,2015,35 (19): 4906-4917.

Xi Cao,   Hongtao Wang, Yutian Liu. Hierarchical cooperative optimization method for   grid restoration [J]. Chinese Journal of Electrical Engineering, 2015,35   (19): 4906-4917.

11) 陈彬,王洪涛. 电力系统恢复过程中的工频过电压动态优化控制[J]. 电力系统自动化.   2015,39(14):54-59

Bin Chen, Hongtao Wang. Dynamic optimal   Control of Power Frequency overvoltage in Power system recovery process [J].   Power system automation. 2015 39 (14): 54-59

12) 李超,王洪涛. 含大型风电场的弱同步电网协调控制策略. 电力自动化设备.   2015, 35(4):96-103

Chao Li, Hongtao Wang. Coordinated   control strategy for weak synchronous power grid with large wind farms.   Electric power automation equipment. 2015, 35 (4): 96-103

13Wang Hongtao, Liu Xu, Wang Chunyi. Probabilistic production simulation of a   power system with wind power penetration based on improved UGF techniques, Journal of Modern Power   Systems and Clean   Energy,2013,1(2):183-191


Hongtao   Wang,Xu Liu,Zhixu Chen,Guanghua Fang,Lei Fu.Stochastic production Simulation   based on improved Generalized Generation function method in low carbon   context, Power Grid Technology, 2013 / 37 (3): 597-603


Chengming   He,Hongtao Wang,Huadong Sun,Dezhi Chen. Analysis of Frequency Modulation   characteristics of variable Speed Fan and Design of timing Synergetic   Frequency Modulation Control Strategy for Wind Farm, Automation of Power   system, 2013 / 37 (9)

16Li Xueting, Wang Hongtao. Operation Risk Assessment of Wind Farm Integrated System   Influenced by Weather Conditions, IEEE General Meeting 2013.

17)王洪涛,刘雪芳.含风电场群的区域电网两层多阶段电压协调控制方法, 电力系统保护与控制,   2012, 40(22):1-7.

Hongtao   Wang, Xuefang Liu. Two-layer and Multi-stage coordinated Voltage Control   method for Regional Power Grid with Wind Farm Group, Power system Protection   and Control, 2012,40 (22): 1-7.

18Chengming He; Hongtao Wang; Huadong Sun.Variable   Parameters Primary Frequency Control Strategy of DFIG. Asia-Pacific Power and Energ

19Xu Liu, Hongtao Wang. Power System Probabilistic Cost   Production Simulation With Wind Power Penetration Using Universal Generating Function Methods. Asia-Pacific   Power and Energy Engineering   Conference, Shanghai, March 2012.

20Xuefang Liu,Hongtao Wang.Area Automatic Voltage Control of Large-scale Wind Farms.   Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference, Shanghai, March 2012.

21Xu Liu; Hongtao Wang.Multi-Area Scale Electric Power and Energy Balance with   High Wind Power Penetration Based Stackelberg Decision Theory.IEEE PES ISGT ASIA, 2012

22)Xueting   Li;Hongtao Wang.Stochastic Time Series Reconstruction of Future Wind Farm   Output . IEEE PES ISGT ASIA, 2012.

23Chengming He; Hongtao Wang.Research on Primary   Frequency Control Strategy Based on DFIG.IEEE PES ISGT ASIA, 2012.

24Xuefang Liu; Hongtao Wang. Area Automatic Voltage Control Based on Wind Power   Forecasting

25 Xu Liu; HongtaoWang. Power System Probabilistic Cost Production Simulation   with Wind Power Penetration Based on Multi-State System Theory. IEEE General Meeting 2012

26 王洪涛,何成明. 计及风电预测误差带的调度计划的渐进优化模型,电力系统自动化,201135(22):131-135.

Hongtao Wang, Chengming He. A Progressive   Optimization Model for scheduling with Wind Power forecasting errors,   Automation of Power Systems, 2011 / 35 (22): 131-135.

27 HongtaoWang,YatingZhang, QinyongZhou. Wind Farm   Model with DFIG for Small Signal Stability Study. 2011 4th International Conference on Electric Utility   Deregulation and Restructuring and   Power Technologies, p 303-307, 2011.

28 Hongtao Wang; ChengmingHe; Qinyong Zhou.The power system dispatching rolling   optimization model based on the coordination of day-ahead and within-day wind-power prediction. DRPT 2011 - 2011   4th International Conference on   Electric Utility Deregulation and Restructuring and Power Technologies, p 698-702, 2011.

29Hongtao Wang ,Yutian Liu.Research on the Black Start Field Test of Shandong Power   Grid Based on PDCA Cycle. International Conference on Electrical and Control Engineering,ICECE   2010.

30 Hongtao Wang ,Yutian Liu. Pareto   Optimization of Power System   Reconstruction Using NSGA-II algorithm. Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference(APPEEC   2010).


Hongtao Wang,Sen Yuan, Xizhao Qiu, Guanghua   Fang, Chunyi, Wang,Yutian Liu. Study on black-start test of Shandong power   grid following PDCA cycle, automation equipment of power system. 201030 (2):   145-149

32)王洪涛,刘玉田. 基于NSGA-II的多目标输电网架最优重构.电力系统自动化,200933(23):14-18

Hongtao Wang, Yutian Liu. Optimal   Reconfiguration of Multi-objective Transmission Grid based on NSGA-II. Power   system Automation, 2009 / 03 (23): 14-18

33)王洪涛, 刘玉田, 邱夕兆. 基于多agent的电力系统主从递阶恢复决策. 电力系统自动化,200630(15):5-9 (EI: 064010140869)

Hongtao Wang, Yutian Liu, Xizhao Qiu. Power   system Master-Slave hierarchical Restoration decision based on multiple   agent. Automation of Power Systems, 2006 30 (15): 5-9 (EI: 064010140869)

34)王洪涛, 刘玉田. 电力系统恢复的主从递阶决策模型及其优化算法. 中国电机工程学报.200727(1):8-13 EI071610557116

Hongtao Wang, Yutian Liu. Power system Restoration based on Master-Slave   hierarchical decision Model and its Optimization algorithm. Chinese Journal   of Electrical Engineering. 2007 27 (1): 8-13 (EI:071610557116)

35HongtaoWang, YutianLiu. Power system restoration collaborative grid based on   grid computing environment. 2005 IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 2005,   Vol 2: 2985-2990 (EI:05097867746)

36HongtaoWang, YutianLiu. Hierarchical Case-Based Decision Support system for   Power System Restoration. 2004 IEEE Power Engineering General Meeting, Danver, USA, 2004,Vol   1:1115-1119 (EI:05078838580)

37)王洪涛, 刘玉田, 邱夕兆. 基于分层案例推理的黑启动决策支撑系统. 电力系统及其自动化,200428(11)49-52 (EI:   04298263138)

Hongtao Wang, Yutian Liu, Xizhao Qiu. Black start   decision support system based on hierarchical Case-Based reasoning (CBR).   Power Systems and its Automation, 2004 / 28 (11): 49-52 (EI: 04298263138)

38HongtaoWang, YutianLiu. Generator Field Overvoltages Due to Energizing Lines. 2002   International Conference on Power System Technology, Kunming, China, 2002, Vol 4:2122-2125 (ISTP: BW09Z   )

39)王洪涛, 刘玉田等. 空载线路合闸对发电机励磁回路的影响. 中国电力,200235(7):31-34 (EI: 02417136227)

Hongtao Wang, Yutian Liu, et al. The influence of   No-load Circuit closing on Generator excitation Circuit. China Electric Power   Co., 2002! 35 (7): 31-34 (EI: 02417136227)

40 王洪涛, 刘玉田等. 电网互联对山东电网低频振荡模式的影响.中国电力,200437(6):12-15

Hongtao Wang, Yutian Liu, et al. Influence of   Power Grid Interconnection on low Frequency Oscillation Mode of Shandong   Power Grid. China Electric Power Company, 2004 17 (6): 12-15

41Bin Chen,Hongtao Wang,Zhongkang WeiChunyi Wang. Sustained Overvoltage Control   Considering Power System Restoration   Dynamic Process.2014 2nd International Conference on Energy Research and Power Engineering,ERPE   2014, Dalian, Liaoning,May 2014.

42Hao Wang, Hongtao Wang, Hao Gong. A REGION-BASED METHOD FOR HIGH-RISK WIND   POWER RAMP EVENTS DETECTION . The 4th IET Renewable Power Generation Conference. Beijing, China, Oct. 2015.

43Hao Wang, Hongtao Wang, Yingzhe Jia. A   Method for Estimating Wind Power   Ramps During Ice Storm. IEEE Region 10 Conference(IEEE TENCON 2015), Macau, China, Nov. 2015.

44Wei Teng, Hongtao Wang, Yingzhe Jia. Construction and Control Strategy Research   of Black Start Unit Containing Wind   Farm. IEEE Region 10 Conference(IEEE TENCON 2015), Macau, China, Nov. 2015.

45Xinyuan Tong, Hongtao Wang. Spinning Reserve Model in Response to Wind Power Ramp   Events at Sub-Hourly Time-scale[C]. The 5th international conference on Electric Utility Deregulation and Restructuring and Power Technologies (DRPT   2015), Changsha China,Nov. 2015.



Yutian Liu,   Hongtao Wang, Hua Ye. Theory and Technology of Power system recovery. Science   Press, 2014.3


(1)   Excellent selection of recovery Strategy and Scheme for UHV Power Grid. First   prize for scientific and technological progress of Shandong Province in 2010.   Yutian Liu (first), Hongtao Wang (third)

(2) Key Technology and Engineering Application of   Simulation Analysis and Dispatch Control for intermittent Multi-source   combined Generation system. Second prize for scientific and technological   progress of State Grid Corporation 2014

(3) tudy on   the security and stability of the interconnection between Shandong power grid   and adjacent network. 2004 second prize for scientific and technological   progress in Shandong province, Liu Yutian (first), Wang Hongtao (third)

(4)   Shandong power grid black start program. The third prize for scientific and   technological progress of Shandong Province in 2004. Yutian Liu (second),   Hongtao Wang (forth)

(5)   Research and Countermeasure of large scale Wind Power acceptance ability   based on Safety and Stability and Wind Power efficiency. Shandong Electric   Power Science and Technology first prize. Hongtao Wang (sixth )


(1)   Invention patent: black-start aided decision support system / training system   and its method. Patent number: ZL 2008 100 14125.4. Inventor: Hongtao Wang,   Yutian Liu

(2)   invention patent: the method of determining the maximum load in the recovery   process of DC support weak receiver system. Patent number: ZL 2010 1058   8379.4. Inventor: Hongtao Wang, Yutian Liu

(3) Patent   of invention: design method of additional frequency controller for doubly-fed   variable speed wind turbine. Patent number: ZL 201210045545.5. Inventor:   Hongtao Wang, Yutian Liu

(4)   Invention patent: multi-reactive power source hierarchical coordination of   wind farm voltage control method. Patent number: ZL201210045967.2. Inventor:   Hongtao Wang, Yutian Liu

(5) Patent   of invention: parameter setting method of wind farm side damping controller   based on wide area measurement signal. Patent number: ZL201210046145.6.   Inventor: Hongtao Wang, Yutian Liu

(6)Invention   patent:multi-time navigation-aided decision support system for recovery.   Patent number: ZL 2013 10198881.8. Inventor: Hongtao Wang, Yutian Liu, Xi Cao

(7) Patent   of invention: a method to determine the grid capacity of wind farm   considering voltage constraints. Patent number: ZL 2015 1 0493790.6 inventor:   Chunyi Wang, Hongtao Wang, Zenggong Cao, Hao Gong

(8)   Invention patent: high-proportion renewable energy power system transmission   and distribution coordination dispatching goal cascade analysis method.   Patent number accepted: 201810465163.5 inventors: Hongtao Wang, Xu Zhang,   Liang Tang, Chenjun Sun, Zhuoran Wang


1heory of Cooperative Optimization of AC / DC   Hybrid system with High proportion of Renewable Energy, 2016.7-2020.12,   National key R & D Plan

2Basic Theory of Power system Planning and   Operation of High-Rate Renewable Energy Grid, 2017.9-2020.12, National key R   & D projects

3Research on key Substation Control Technology for   Rapid recovery of AC / DC Power Grid, 2018.1-2020.12, Science and Technology   Project of State Grid Company headquarters

4Operational risk early warning and coordinated   Defense of Large-scale Wind Power connected to Power Grid, 2012-2015,   National Natural Science Foundation of China

5Key Technologies of Smart Grid-Research and   Development of intermittent Energy Generation Multi-Spatio-Temporal-Scale   Dispatch system, 2011-2014, National High Technology Research and Development   Plan (863 Program)

6Technical Research and system Development of   Regional Power Grid Dispatch and Operation, 2011-2013, National Science and   Technology support Plan

7Control Strategy and Auxiliary decision of UHV AC   / DC Power Grid Restoration in Shandong Province, 2010-2013, key projects of   Shandong Electric Power Group Co., Ltd.

8Construction and testing capability of Wind Power   Grid basic Research platform, 2012.1-2014.12, Science and Technology Project,   State Grid Corporation headquarters

9Research on Operation Technology and Engineering   demonstration of intermittent Renewable Energy Island Power Grid,   2012.1-2013.12, Science and Technology Project of State Grid Company

10Shandong Power Grid 500kV system Black start   experiment, 2012-2013, Shandong Electric Power Group Company Project.

11Multi-objective optimal Control Technology for   Island Power Grid to absorb Multi-type intermittent Energy, 2012-2013, State   Grid Company Project

12Research on acceptable Wind Power capacity of   Power Grid based on double factors of Safety and Stability and Wind Power   efficiency, 2014-2015, Shandong Electric Power Group Company Project

Academic types

Academic   typeSpecialized type


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