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Zhang Wen
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Institute   of electrical systems


Doctoral   supervisor

Personal message


Zhang Wen



Date   of Birth




Professional   Title









2007.7-   Present, School of Electrical Engineering of Shandong University,Professor

2001.7-2007.6,   School of Electrical Engineering of Shandong University, Associate Professor

1995.7-2001.6   School of Electrical Engineering of Shandong University, Lecturer

1992.7-1995.6   School of Electrical Engineering of Shandong University, Assistant

2007.9-2008.9   University of Wisconsin-Madison, Visiting Scholar

Research Direction

Operation   and Control of Power Systems


1. Hao   Yang, Wen Zhang, Jian Chen, et al, PMU-based voltage stability prediction   using least square support vector machine with online learning, Electric   Power Systems Research, 160 (2018), 234-242.

2. Jingyu   Liu, Wen Zhang, Yutian Liu. Primary Frequency Response From the Control of   LED Lighting Loads in Commercial Buildings[J]. IEEE Transactions on Smart   Grid, 2017, 8(6):2880-2889.

3. Dingyi   Cheng, Wen Zhang, Jingyu Liu. Window-Varying Particle Filter for Parameter   Identification of Space Thermal Model[J]. IEEE Transactions on   Instrumentation & Measurement, 2016, 66(1):165-176.

4. Liu   J, Zhang W, Chu X, et al. Fuzzy logic controller for energy savings in a   smart LED lighting system considering lighting comfort and daylight[J].   Energy & Buildings, 2016, 127:95-104.

5. Yan   Zhang, Wen Zhang, Xiaodong Chu, et al. Real-time optimal voltage control   using measurement-based aggregate load model[J]. Electric Power Systems   Research, 2014, 116(11):293-300.

6. Wen   Zhang, Yutian Liu. Multi-objective reactive power and voltage control based   on fuzzy optimization strategy and fuzzy adaptive particle swarm[J].   International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, 2008,   30(9):525-532.

7. 王红, 张文, 冯宗英,. 计及故障重构的配电网量测系统鲁棒性配置[J]. 电力系统自动化,   2016, 40(16):98-104.

Hong Wang, Wen Zhang, Zongying Feng, et al.   Robust measurement placement method for distribution systems considering   fault reconfiguration[J]. Automation of Electric Power Systems, 2016,   40(16):98-104.

8. 王红, 张文, 刘玉田. 考虑分布式电源出力不确定性的主动配电网量测配置[J]. 电力系统自动化,   2016, 40(12):9-14.

Hong Wang, Wen Zhang and Yutian Liu. Measurement   placement in active distribution networks considering output uncertainty of   distributed generators[J]. Automation of Electric Power Systems,2016,   40(12):9-14.

9. 王凯, 褚晓东, 张文. 基于成本-价值解耦的源-荷备用协同优化[J]. 中国电机工程学报,   2015, 35(20):5188-5198.

Kai Wang, Xiaodong Chu and Wen Zhang. Cooperative   optimization for supply/demand side reserve by decoupling cost and value of   reserve[J]. Proceding of the CSEE, 2015, 35(20):5188-5198.

10. 张文, 张岩, 褚晓东, 王亮. 基于自适应控制时域参数的电压协调控制[J]. 电力系统自动化,   2015(18):37-42.

Wen Zhang, Yan Zhang, Xiaodong Chu and Liang   Wang. Coordinated voltage control based on adaptive control horizon   parameters[J]. Automation of Electric Power Systems, 2015(18):37-42.

11. 刘申, 褚晓东, 张文. 基于气象测量场的爬坡时段区域风功率预测[J]. 电力系统自动化,   2015(16):29-36.

Shen Liu, Xiaodong Chu and Wen Zhang. Reginal   wind power forecasting during ramp period using meteorological measurement   field data[J]. Automation of Electric Power Systems, 2015(16):29-36.

12. 刘萌, 褚晓东, 张文, 刘玉田. 基于多样性保持的空调负荷群调度控制策略[J]. 中国电机工程学报,   2014, 34(22):3674-3682.

Meng Liu, Xiaodong Chu, Wen Zhang and Yutian Liu.   Dispatch and control strategies for air-conditioning load groups based on   maintenance of load diversity[J]. Proceding of the CSEE, 2014,   34(22):3674-3682.

13. 张岩, 褚晓东, 张文, 王亮. 基于分段校正模型的在线电压协调控制[J]. 电力系统自动化,   2013, 37(16):33-39.

Yan Zhang, Xiaodong Chu, Wen Zhang and Liang   Wang. On-line coordinated voltage control based on a segmented-correction   model[J]. Automation of Electric Power Systems. 2013, 37(16):33-39.


Host the project:

1. 大负荷中心电网中长期电压稳定分析与协调控制研究,国家自然科学基金

1.Research   on medium- and long-term voltage stability analysis and coordinated control   of large-load central power grid, National Natural Science Foundation of   China

2. 交直流混联受端电网多时间尺度电压稳定分析与协调控制研究, 山东省自然科学基金

2.Study on   multi-time scale voltage stability analysis and coordinated control of AC/DC   hybrid receiving power grid, Shandong Natural Science Foundation

3. 间歇性电源并入电力系统的安全性评估与控制理论研究,教育部留学回国人员科研启动基金

3.Research   on the safety assessment and control theory of intermittent power supply into   the power system, the research start-up fund of the Ministry of Education

4. 可再生能源发电与可中断负荷共存下的电力系统协同控制理论研究,山东省自然科学基金

4.Theoretical   study on coordinated control of power systems under the coexistence of   renewable energy generation and interruptible load, Shandong Natural Science   Foundation

5. 大电网安全稳定运行中的源--荷协同控制策略与方法, 山东电力集团企业项目

5.Source-network-load   cooperative control strategy and method in safe and stable operation of large   power grid, Shandong Electric Power Group Corporation project

6. 计及分布式发电的地区电网多目标电压无功综合优化研究,山东电力集团企业项目

6.Multi-target voltage and reactive power optimization   optimization of regional power grids considering distributed generation,   Shandong Electric Power Group Corporation project

Participate   in the project:

1. 大电网一体化在线安全风险防控和智能决策技术,国家重点研发计划重点专项项目

1.   Large-scale grid integration online security risk prevention and control and   intelligent decision-making technology, national key research and development   plan key special projects

2. 多能源互补的交直流电网协同调度控制关键技术研究与示范, 国家重点研发计划重点专项项目

2. Research   and demonstration of key technologies for coordinated and coordinated control   of AC and DC power grids with multiple energy sources, key special projects   of national key R&D projects

3. 大型工业企业电气综合节能技术与典型应用示范,国家高技术研究发展计划(863计划)先进能源技术领域子课题

3.   Electrical comprehensive energy-saving technology and typical application   demonstration of large-scale industrial enterprises, sub-project of advanced   energy technology in the National High-tech Research and Development Program   (863 Program)

4. 高渗透率光伏配电网储能系统优化配置理论与方法,国家自然科学基金青年项目

4.Theory   and method for optimal allocation of energy storage system for   high-permeability photovoltaic distribution network, National Natural Science   Foundation of China

5. 具有能量存储特性的电力负荷群集协作控制机制研究,国家自然科学基金青年项目

5.Research   on power load cluster cooperative control mechanism with energy storage   characteristics, National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Project

Academic types

Academic,   Professional


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