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Liu Shuqin
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Institute of electrical engineering theory and new technology


Deputy   Director of the Magnetic Suspension and Air Suspension Professional   Committee, Member of the Power Quality Professional Committee of the China Power   Supply Society, Senior Member of the Chinese Mechanical   Engineering Society, and IEEE Senior Member.

Personal message


Shuqin Liu



Date   of Birth

October   1958


Liangshan   County,

Shandong   Province

Professional   Title








Since   January 2005, a professor at the School of Electrical Engineering of Shandong   University. A visiting scholar at the University of Michigan, University of   Michigan-Dearborn, USA, from July 22, 2005 to August 1, 2006.

From April   2000 to December 2004,a professor, associate dean and doctoral tutor at   Shandong University of Science and Technology. Among them, from May 2001 to   August 2003, a postdoctoral fellow at Tsinghua University.

From   March 1996 to April 2000, a Ph.D. student in mechanical and electrical   engineering at Xi'an Jiaotong University.

From   September 1991 to September 1996, a lecturer and associate professor at the   Jinan Branch of the Shandong Institute of Mining.

From   January 1982 to August 1991, a teaching assistant and lecturer at the Northwest   Institute of Architecture and Engineering. From September 1987 to December   1990, an in-service master of industrial electronic technology and   electromagnetic measurement at Xi'an Jiaotong University.

From   February 1978 to January 1982,studied radiometry at the Department of   Electronic Engineering of Shandong University.

Research Direction

Magnetic   suspension bearing theory and high speed rotating machinery;

Vertical   axis wind turbine, new energy microgrid design and operation control;

Magnetic   suspension artificial heart pump;

Engineering   electromagnetic field theory and application.


Write,   or as editor-in-chief, deputy editor, participate in the editing of 5   textbooks;

Published   120 papers;

Apply   for 12 invention patents.


Has   presided over more than 20 projects of 863 Program, National Natural Science   Fund, Provincial Fund and Horizontal Project. Recent projects are as follows:

1.2   military projects

2.Key   technology research of implantable magnetic suspension artificial heart pump,   National Natural Science Foundation of China, project number: 51075236

3.Research   on key technologies of magnetic suspension large increase ratio wind power   gearbox, Shandong Natural Science Foundation: Project No. ZR2012EEM031

4.Research   on efficiency and reliability of off-grid magnetic suspension vertical axis   wind-solar complementary small power station. Government-level project   assistance program at all levels, Suzhou Industrial Park Science and   Technology Development Bureau, project number: SIP1302PT180

Academic types

Academic and professional


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