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Chen Qing
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Research   Institute

Relay   Protection Institute

Academic   status

PhD Tutor

Personal   message





Date   of Birth



Yixing City, Jiangsu Province

Professional   Title

Professor   /PhD Tutor


Secretary of the Party Branch   of the Relay Protection Institute




Working   Experience

1984.Graduated from the   Electrical Engineering Department of Shandong University of Technology,   majoring in relay protection and automatic telecontrol technology.

1989.Graduated from the Electrical   Engineering Department of Shandong University of Technology with a major in   power system and automation and stayed on as a teacher.

1997.Promoted to associate professor.

1999.Worked as a doctoral student in   power systems and automation.

2002.Graduated from the School of   Electrical Engineering of Shandong University with a major in Power Systems   and Automation.

2002.Promoted to professor.

2004.6. Promoted to doctoral tutor.

2004.8-2005.2. Visiting Scholar at the   University of Alberta, Canada.

Research   Direction

Power system fault analysis and   calculation,
  Power grid fault diagnosis,
  Power system relay protection.



Power System Fault Diagnosis Considering Absence of Alarm Messages of   Circuit Breakers on the Border of Outage Area, Proceedings of the CSEE, Vol.33 No.22. 2013

2、同杆双回线故障分析新方法研究,中国电机工程学报, 2005Vol.25, No.20

Research on Fault Analysis of Double Circuit Lines on the Same Tower, Proceedings of the CSEE, Vol.25 No.20. 2005

3、输电网故障诊断的常识表示方法及其应用[J].中国电机工程学报,201232   (4)

Representation and Application of Fault Diagnosis Knowledge in Power   Transmission Grids, Proceedings of   the CSEE, Vol.32 No.4. 2012.
A New Algorithm For Complex Faults   and Objected Oriented Programming      Engineering Intelligent Systems Journal, 2004SCI


A Framework of Power Grid Fault   Diagnosis Based on Grid Platform, Automation of Electric Power Systems, Vol.37 No.3. 2013


A New Protection Principle for HVDC Transmission Lines Based on   Directions of Fault Components of Voltage and Current,   Automation of Electric Power Systems, Vol.37 No.6. 2013

7、基于电流相角突变量方向的有源配电网保护[J]. 电力系统自动化,2014,38(11)

Protection Scheme for Active Distribution System Based on Directions of   Current Phase Angle VariationAutomation of Electric Power Systems, Vol.38 No.11. 2014


A New Protection Principle for HVDC Transmission Lines Based on   Directions of Fault Components of Voltage and Current,   Automation of Electric Power Systems, Vol.36 No.9. 2012

9、基于Marti模型的电流差动保护新原理. 电力系统自动化. 2011, 35(4)

The Principle of Current Differential Relay Protection Based on the   Marti Model, Automation of Electric Power Systems, Vol.35 No.4. 2011

10、基于分段线性的光伏阵列等效模型[J]. 电网技术,2014,38(4): 947-951

A Piecewise Linearization Based   Equivalent Model of Photovoltaic Array, Power System Technology,Vol.38 No.4, pp.947-951. 2014

A New Protection Relay Calculation and Management   System, Automation of Electric Power Systems, Vol.26 No.17. 2002
、一种求解电力系统复杂故障的新算法,中国电机工程学报, 2000,20(9)

A New Algorithm for Complicated Fault Calculation in Electric   Power SystemProceedings of the CSEE, Vol.20 No.9. 2000

The third edition of   "Automatic Control Theory", editor-in-chief, China Electric Power   Press.National Eleventh Five-Year Plan Textbook.


The second edition of "Electrical Engineering   English", editor-in-chief, China Electric Power Press."Twelfth   Five-Year Plan" for the undergraduate key planning of general higher   education.

15继电保护计算及管理平台RCMBase2000, 国家电力企业中国电力技术奖三等奖, 2002

Relay protection calculation and management   platform RCMBase2000,Third Prize of China Electric Power Technology Award of   State Grid ,2002.

16、发明专利:含双馈风电机组的电力系统短路电流计算方法. 专利号:201210324038.5

Invention patent: calculation method of   short-circuit current of power system with doubly-fed wind turbine. Patent   No. 201210324038.5

17 发明专利:高压直流输电线路混合故障测距方法.专利号:201310075147.2

Invention patent:Hybrid Fault Location Method for   HVDC Transmission Line. Patent No. 201310075147.2

18、发明专利:基于电压电流突变方向的高压直流输电线路保护方法. 专利号:201210295511.1

Invention patent:HVDC Transmission Line Protection   Method Based on Sudden Change of Voltage and Current. Patent No. 201210295511.1

Undergoing   Research Products

1Study on power grid fault diagnosis and fault trace   based on big data analysis,National Natural Science   Foundation (5187070349),2019.12022.12.

2Longkou   Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. Mine Network Distribution Network Switch   Protection Setting Calculation Management Software Project,2017.102018.10.

3Study   on Fault Analysis Method of AC/DC Interconnect System with FACTS Device,National   Natural Science Foundation(50877045,2009.12011.12.

4Study   on Fault Diagnosis System Based on Wide Area Information and Distributed   Application of Power System,Provincial Natural Science   Foundation (provincial science and technology department)(Item   Number:2009ZRB02446),2009.122012.12.

5Study   on Distributed Relay Protection Fixed Value Online Checking System,Ministry   of Education Doctoral Fund,2013.11-2016.12.

6Study   on Fault Analysis Technology of Distribution Network Based on Multi-source   Information Fusion,Sub-project 3 of the National Grid Major Science and   Technology Project (2012093), 2012.12014.12.

7Protection and   Control 2 - New Relay Protection for Smart Distribution Network, Sub-project   of National Science and Technology Plan (863 Program) in the "12th   Five-Year Plan" Advanced Energy Technology (2012AA050213-06),2012.12014.12.

8Wind   farm transient calculation, access capability and stability data analysis,   Shandong Electric Power Group Corporation,2011.12011.12.

9DC electromagnetic transient analysis and   interaction with AC systems (Project No. 5250909), State Grid Corporation,2009.12010.12.

Academic   types

Teaching and Scientific   Research


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