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Gao Houlei
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Relay Protection


Member of thePower System   Protection and Control Committee of China Electrotechnical Society, Editorial   Board Members of “Power System   Protection and Control”, “ElectricPower Automation Equipment, and “Protection and   Control of Modern Power System”, Member ofIEEE, Senior member of CSEE

Personal message


Houlei Gao



Date of Birth



Tengzhou, Shandong

Professional Title



Institute director






2001 to present: Professor   and PhD supervisor of Shandong University.

2004,2-2005,12: Senior   Visiting Scholar, Queens University, UK

1988-2000:Lecturer and   Associate Professor, Shandong University of Technology

1983-1985:Teaching   assitant, Shandong University of Technolog


1993-1997: Ph.D in   Electrical Power System and Automation, Tianjin University

1985-1988: MSc in Electrical   Power System and Automation, Shandong University of Technology

1979-1983: BSc in Power   System Protective Relaying, Shandong University of Technology

Research Areas

[1] Relay protection and fault location for AC and DC transmission systems

[2] Protection and distributed fault self-healing for smart distribution   networks

[3] New protection technology based on station-area information for smart substation


Recently published papers:

[1] Fang Peng, Houlei Gao   and Yiqing Liu. "Transformer Sympathetic Inrush Characteristics and   Identification Based on Substation-Area Information." IEEE Transactions   on Power Delivery, 2018, 33(1): 218-228.

[2] Yifei Guo, Houlei Gao,   Qiuwei Wu, Haoran Zhao, Jacob Ostergaard and Mohammad Shahidehpour.   "Enhanced Voltage Control of VSC-HVDC-Connected Offshore Wind Farms   Based on Model Predictive Control." IEEE Transactions on Sustainable   Energy, 2018 9(1): 474-487.

[3] S. B. Luo, H. L. Gao,   D. Wang, G. B. Zou. Non-unit transient based boundary protection for UHV   transmission lines. International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy   Systems, Vol.102, 2018.pp. 349-363

[4] Yifei Guo, Houlei Gao,   Qiuwei Wu, Haoran Zhao and Jacob Ostergaard. "Coordinated voltage   control scheme for VSC-HVDC connected wind power plants." IET Renewable   Power Generation, 2018, 12(2): 198-206.

[5] Houlei Gao, Juan Li   and Bingyin Xu. "Principle and Implementation of Current Differential   Protection in Distribution Networks With High Penetration of DGs." IEEE   Transactions on Power Delivery, 2017, 32(1): 565-574.

[6] Yiqing Liu, Houlei   Gao, Weicong Gao and Fang Peng. "Development of a Substation-Area Backup   Protective Relay for Smart Substation." IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid,   2017, 8(6): 2544-2553.

[7] Dong Wang, Houlei Gao,   Guibin Zou and Sibei Luo. "Ultra-high-speed travelling wave directional   protection based on electronic transformers." IET Generation   Transmission & Distribution, 2017, 11(8): 2065-2074.

[8] Yifei Guo, Houlei Gao   and Qiuwei Wu. "A Combined Reliability Model of VSC-HVDC Connected   Offshore Wind Farms Considering Wind Speed Correlation." IEEE   Transactions on Sustainable Energy, 2017, 8(4): 1637-1646.

[9] Yifei Guo, Houlei Gao   and Qiuwei Wu. "A meteorological information mining-based wind speed   model for adequacy assessment of power systems with wind power."   International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, 2017, 93:   406-413.

[10] Dong Wang, Houlei Gao,   Sibei Luo, Guibin Zou. Travelling Wave Pilot Protection for LCC-HVDC   Transmission Lines Based on Electronic Transformers’ Differential Output   Characteristic. International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy   Systems , 2017,93:283-290

[11] Longchang Wang, Houlei   Gao and Guibin Zou. Modeling method ology and fault simulation of   distribution networks integrated with inverter-based DG. Protection and   Control of Modern Power System,2017,2(2):370-378

[12] Fang Peng and Houlei   Gao. "Investigation into the Physical Mechanism and Influencing Factors   of Sympathetic Inrush for Transformers in Series." Mathematical Problems   in Engineering, 2017.

[13] Shuai Zhang, Houlei   Gao and Yingtao Song. "A New Fault-Location Algorithm for   Extra-High-Voltage Mixed Lines Based on Phase Characteristics of the   Hyperbolic Tangent Function." IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, 2016,   31(3): 1203-1212.

[14] Dong Wang, Houlei Gao,   Sibei Luo and Guibin Zou. "Ultra-High-Speed Travelling Wave Protection   of Transmission Line Using Polarity Comparison Principle Based on Empirical   Mode Decomposition." Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2015-10-11,   2015(9):1-9.

[15] Guibin Zou, Houlei   Gao. Extra high speed hybrid protection scheme for high voltage transmission line. International Journal of   Electrical Power & Energy Systems, 2014, 63(12):83–90.

[16] Guibin Zou, Houlei   Gao. Fast pilot protection method based on waveform integral of traveling wave. International Journal of   Electrical Power & Energy Systems, 2013, 50(11):1–8.

[17] Guibin ZouHoulei Gao. A   Traveling-Wave-Based Amplitude Integral Busbar Protection Technique, IEEE   Transactions on Power Delivery , Vol.27, No.2, pp.602-609, April 2012.

[18] Houlei Gao, P. A.   Crossley. Design and Evaluation of A Directional Algorithm for Transmission   Line Protection Based on Positive Sequence Fault Components. IEE Proceedings-Generation, Transmission and   Distribution2006, Vol. 153, No.   6:711-718

[19] Houlei Gao, Jiali He,   Shifang Jiang, GPS synchronized digital current differential protection for   transmission lines, Electric Power System Research, Vol. 62, 2002 :29-3

[20] 王栋,高厚磊,李文琳,刘震. 方向纵联保护对LCC-HVDC逆变侧交流线路的适应性分析. 电力系统保护与控制,2018,4618:33-40

Wang Dong, Gao Houlei, Li Wenlin,   Liu Zhen. Adaptability analysis of directional pilot protection for AC   transmission lines connected to LCC-HVDC inverter station. Power System   Protection and Control, 2018, 46 (18):33-40

[21] 陈雷,高厚磊,樊占峰. 分布式母线差动保护耐同步误差能力分析. 电力自动化设备,2018,389):205-211

Chen Lei, Gao Houlei, Fan   Zhanfeng. Analysis of synchronization error enduring capacity of distributed   bus-bar current differential protection. ElectricPower   Automation Equipment, 2018, 38(9): 205-211

[22] 董金金,高厚磊,李娟,刘星. 基于电流突变量曲线拟合的故障时刻检测算法. 电力自动化设备,2018,384):75-81

Dong Jinjin, Gao Houlei, Li Juan, Liu Xing. Fault   instant detection algorithm based on curve fitting of phase current   increments. ElectricPower Automation Equipment, 2018, 38(4): 75-81

[23] 黄家凯,高厚磊,彭放,刘星.输电线路虚拟有功功率差动保护[J].电力系统自动化,2017,41(14):190-196.

Huang Jiakai,Gao Houlei,Peng Fang,Liu Xing.Virtual   Active Power Differential Protection for Transmission Lines[J].Automation of   Electric Power Systems,2017,41(14):190-196.

[24] 李娟,高厚磊,徐丙垠,等.有源配电网差动保护自同步原理及误差分析[J]. 电力系统自动化,201640(9)78-85

Li Juan, Gao Houlei,Xu   Bingyin.Data Self-synchronization Method and Error Analysis of Differential   Protection in Active Distribution Network[J].Automation of Electric Power   Systems,201640(9)78-85

[25] 李娟,高厚磊,朱国防.考虑逆变类分布式电源特性的有源配电网反时限电流差动保护[J].电工技术学报,2016,3117):177-18

Li Juan,Gao Houlei,Zhu   Guofang.Inverse-Time Current Differential Protection in Active Distribution   Network Considering Characteristics of InverterInterfaced Distributed   Generations[J].Transaction of China Electrotechnical Society,2016,3117):177-186

[26] 郭一飞, 高厚磊, 田佳. 引入聚类分析的光伏出力建模及其在可靠性评估中的应用[J]. 电力系统自动化, 2016, 40(23):93-100.

Guo Yifei, Gao Houlei, Tian Jia. Photovoltaic Output   Modeling byIntroducing Clustering Analysis and Its Application in Reliability   Evaluation[J]. Automation of Electric Power Systems, 2016, 40(23): 93-100.

[27] 程超,高厚磊,邹贵彬. 提高分布式电源接纳能力的配电网一次设备改造[J]. 电力自动化设备,2016,366:102-107

Cheng Chao,Gao Houlei,Zhou   Guibin. Primary equipment retrofitting to enhance DG accommodation capability   of distribution network [J].Electric Power Automation   Equipment,2016,366:102-107

[28] 彭放,高厚磊,刘益青,. 基于RTDS-GETNET的智能变电站保护装置实用化测试技术及方案[J]. 电力自动化设备,2016,365:160-165

Peng Fang, Gao Houlei, Liu   Yiqing, et al. Practical test technology and solution based on RTDS-GTNET for   protective equipments in smart substation [J]. Electric Power Automation   Equipment, 2016, 36(5): 160-165

[29] 郭一飞,高厚磊. 直流偏磁对电流互感器暂态传变特性影响 [J]. 电力自动化设备,2015,12:126-131

Guo Yifei, Gao Houlei. Effect   of DC bias on transient transferring characteristics of current transformer [J].   Electric Power Automation Equipment, 2015,12:126-131

[30] 高厚磊,李娟,朱国防,.有源配电网电流差动保护应用技术探讨[J]. 电力系统保护与控制,2014,05:40-44.

Gao Houlei, Li Juan, Zhu Guofang, et al. Study on application   technology of current differential protection in active distribution network [J].   Power System Protection and Control, 2014, 05: 40-44.


Recently investigated Projects:

[1] Distributed control   and protection of large-scale offshore wind farms based on VSC-HVDC   grid-connected, National Natural Science Foundation of China(General Project), No.51877127,   2019-2022

[2] Fault   characteristic analysis and protection of large-scale AC-DC hybrid power grid.   National Key Research and Development Program of China ,No. 2016YFB0900603,   2016-2021

[3] Analysis of   traveling wave propagation characteristics and application technology of electronic   transformers, National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Project), No. 51177094,   2012-2015

[4] New type of relay   protection for smart distribution networks, Sub-project of National 863 Program,   2012AA050213-06, 2012-2015

[5] Fast fault   self-healing method and implementation technology for active distribution networks.Research   project founded by State Grid Shandong Power Company, 2017-2018

[6] Research on operation   and control technologies adapted to distribution networks integrated with distributed   generations, Key research project founded by State Grid Shandong Power   Company, 2014-2016


Academic types

Supervise both academic   and professional MSc students


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