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Liang Jun
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Institute of Power System


State Council Special Allowance Expert

Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions in   Shandong Province

Personal message


Liang Jun



Date   of Birth



Longkou,   Shandong

Professional   Title

Professor,   PHD supervisor







2006-present:   Professor and PHD supervisor of School of Electrical Engineering of Shandong   University

1998–2006:   Professor of Shandong Polytechnic University and Shandong University

1991-1998:Associate   professor of Shandong Polytechnic University

1988-1991:   Lecturer of Shandong Polytechnic University

1985-1988:   Master of Engineering in Shandong Polytechnic University

1978-1982:   Bachelor of Engineering in Shandong Polytechnic University

Research Direction

Power   system operation and control, Automation of power systems


[1] WangChengfu,   Liang Jun, Zhang Li, HanXueshan. Reactive Power and Voltage Control Strategy for   Wind Farm Based on STATCOM[J]. Proceedings of the CSEE. 2010.30(25): 23-28


[2] Zhang   Feng, Liang Jun, Che Renfei, A Novel Singularity Point Detection Method for   Weak Traveling Wave Signals


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[14]Zhang   Feng, Liang Jun, Cong Zhipeng, Yang Shenquan. An Identification Method for   Initial Reverse Polarity Traveling Wave Considering Module Traveling Wave   Coupling[J]. Automation of Electric Power Systems.2013. 37(10): 108-112.


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[17]Zhang   Xueqing, Liang Jun, Zhang Li, Yu Dayang, Han Xueshan, Zhang Feng, Zhang Xi. Approach   for Plug-in Electric Vehicles Charging Scheduling Considering Wind and   Photovoltaic Power in Chinese RegionalPower Grids[J]. Proceedings of the   CSEE. 2013282):28-35


[18]Li   Jiansheng, Liang Jun, Yun Zhihao. Probability Analysis of Progressive Changes   of Equipment State Based on Electrical Information[J]. Proceedings of the   CSEE. 2013, 28(10):355-363.


[19]Li   Xiaoming, Liang Jun, Wang Kui. Magnetic-control-type fault current limiter[J].   Electric Power Automation Equipment.2013, 33(6):42-46.


[20]Wang   Chengfu, Liang Jun, Sun Hongbin. Hybrid reactive power compensation system   and its control strategy for wind farm[J]. Electric Machines and Control. 2013,   17(5):38-44.


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[34]Zhang   Ying, Liang Jun, Yun Zhihao, etc. Distributed Parameter Based Based   Single-line Fault Location Algorithm for Series-compensated Double-circuit   Transmission Lines[J]. Automation of Electric Power Systems.2017,41(01):134-139.


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[39]Ying Z,   Liang J, Yun Z, et al. A New Fault-Location Algorithm for Series-Compensated   Double-Circuit Transmission Lines Based on the Distributed Parameter   Model[J]. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, 2016, PP(99):1-1.




[1]   National Natural Science Foundation of China, Theoretical study on Power System   Regulation of Grid Aggregation with Progressive Learning, Project Manager,   2012-2015


[2]   Shandong Provincial Natural Science Foundation, China, Theoretical Study on   Coordinated Control between Intermittent Power Supply and Regional Power   Grid, Project Manager, 2011-2013


[3] Shandong   Provincial Natural Science Foundation, China, Research on Fault Detection and   Precise Location of Transmission Lines based on Wide-area Synchronous   Measurement, Project Manager, 2008-2010


[4] Research   on Power Network Planning and Evaluation Technology Based on Probability   Characteristics of Wind Power,Science and Technology Projects of Shandong Electric   Power Corporation, 2013-2017


[5] On-line   Monitoring and Intelligent Analysis of 500-kV substations, Science and Technology   Projects of Shandong Electric Power Corporation, 2013-2017


[6] UHV-DC   Online Monitoring System, Science and Technology Project of the State Grid   Corporation of China


[7]   Stability Analysis of Shandong Power Grid under AC/DC Interconnection, Science   and Technology Projects of Shandong Electric Power Corporation


[8]   Research on Coordinated Dispatching System of Electric Vehicle Charging and   Discharging and Photovoltaic Generation,Science and Technology Projects of   Shandong Electric Power Corporation


[9]   Research on Fault Line Selection and Positioning System of Transmission and   Distribution Lines based on Generalized Measurement, Science and Technology   Projects of Shandong Electric Power Corporation, 2017-2019


[10]   Technical Research on the Interaction of Global Energy Internet Energy Flow   and Information Flow, State Grid Corporation Headquarters Project, Project   Manager, 2016-2018


Preside   over more than 20 Science and Technology Projects of the State Grid   Corporation and Shandong Electric Power Corporation.



[1]Microcomputer Power Fault Recording Detection   Device, Shandong Province Science and Technology   Progress First Prize, 2006, Liang Jun(first order)


[2] Power System Dynamic Data   Acquisition and Processing System, Shandong   Province Science and Technology Progress Second Prize, 2003, Liang Jun(first   order)


[3]Distributed Power Quality Integrated Inspection   Management System, Shandong Province Science and Technology   Progress Second Prize , 2004, Liang Jun(first order)


[4]Portable Microcomputer Power Recording Detection   Device, Shandong Province Science and Technology   Progress Third Prize, 2007, Liang Jun(first order)


Academic types

Teaching   and Research


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