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Liu Yutian
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Power   Systems


Shandong   University Second Professor,Distinguished Professor of Shandong Taishan   Scholar,Director of the Key Laboratory of Grid Intelligent Dispatching and   Control, Ministry of Education,National Talents of "100 Million Talent   Project",State Council special allowance expert,New Century Excellent   Talents of the Ministry of Education,Young and middle-aged experts with   outstanding contributions in Shandong Province,IEEE Senior Member,Director of   China Electrical Engineering Society,Editorial board of J. of Modern Power   Systems and Clean EnergyCSEE J. of   Power and Energy SystemsInt. J. of   Electrical Power and Energy Systems.

Personal message


Yutian Liu



Date of Birth

July of 1964



Professional Title



Dean of the college




Working Experience

18.5 to   now Professor, School of   Electrical Engineering, Shandong University

01.1-18.4 Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor,   Associate Dean, Dean of School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University

00.1-01.1 Visiting Scholar, Washington State   University, USA

94.12-00.1 Associate Professor, Professor, Doctoral   Supervisor of Shandong University of Technology

92.2-94.12 Xi'an Jiaotong University for a doctor   degree

84.7-92.2 Teacher of Shandong University of   Technology

80.9-84.7 Learning in Shandong University of   Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering

Research Direction

Power   system operation and control:Power System Recovery Strategy and Control   Optimization,Security and stability analysis and control,Reactive power   optimization and voltage control.

Renewable   energy grid:Analysis and evaluation of safety and stability of large-scale   wind power access systems,Optimal scheduling and control of combined wind   power storage and transmission system.

Application   of computational intelligence in power systems:Neural Networks,Evolutionary   calculation,Fuzzy system.


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18. Xi  Cao, Hongtao Wang, Yutian Liu, Rasoul Azizipanah-Abarghooee,   Vladimir Terzija.  Coordinating self-healing control of bulk power transmission   system based on  a hierarchical top-down strategy. Int. J. of Electrical   Power and Energy  Systems, 2017, 90:147-157

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4.Zhu Hainan, Liu Yutian.Multi-objective Optimization of Unit Restoration   During Network Reconstruction Considering Line Restoration   Sequence,Automation of Electric Power Systems.Vol.38, No.16, pp.53~59. 2014

3. Hua Ye, Yutian Liu. A new method for standing phase angle reduction in    system  restoration by incorporating load pickup as a control   means.  Int. J. of  Electrical Power and Energy Systems, 2013,   53(1):664-674  

   2. Hua Ye, Yutian Liu. Design of model predictive controllers for   adaptive   damping of inter-area oscillations. Int. J. of Electrical Power   and  Energy  Systems, 2013, 45(1):509-518  

   1. Hanbing Qu, Yutian Liu. Maximizing restorable load amount for   specific   substation during system restoration. Int. J. of Electrical   Power and  Energy  Systems, 2012, 43(1):1213-1220



Large-scale   grid integration security risk prevention and control and intelligent   decision-making technology, national key research and development plan,2017-2020


Research on   the impact of long-distance submarine cables and harmonics on grid-connected   detection of wind turbines, National Science and Technology Support   Program,2015-2017


Limited   controllability of wind turbine output and regional wind power output   climbing control, national key basic research development plan,2012-2016


Research on   the theory of large power grid structure and stability, major special project   of State Grid Corporation of China,2012-2015


Regional   power grid dispatching operation technology research and system development   considering the joint power generation system, National Science and   Technology Support Plan,2010-2013


UHV AC-DC   Shandong Power Grid Restoration Control Strategy and Auxiliary   Decision-making, Shandong Electric Power Group Corporation,2010-2012


Research on   Intelligent Decision Support System for Transmission Network Restoration   Based on Data Warehouse, National Natural Science Foundation of   China,2009-2011


Large-scale   industrial enterprise electrical comprehensive energy-saving technology and   typical application demonstration, national high-tech research and   development plan,2009-2011

Academic types




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