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Ding Lei
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Relay   Protection


Associate   Editor of International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, Member   of the Cigre B5.57 Working GroupMember of the Cigre C4/B5.61 Working GroupSecretary of IEEE PES Jinan ChapterSecretary of Chinese Society for Electrical   Engineering Shandong University Member Center,Editorial Board of Protection   and Control of Modern Power SystemsMember ofEnergy Interconnection Committee of Chinese   Association of Automation

Personal message


Lei Ding



Date   of Birth



Linyi,Shandong   Province

Professional   Title








2015.9-Present Shandong University, School of Electrical     Engineer, Professor

2010.4-2015.8 Shandong University, School of Electrical     Engineer, Associate professor

2009.11-2011.7 The University of Manchester,School of     Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Research Associate

2008.1-2009.11 Tsinghua University, Department of     electrical engineering, Postdoctoral/Assistant Researcher


Research Direction

Power   system wide area protection and control; Micro-grid protection and control;Renewable   energy integration


1. Ding L, Guo Y, Wall P, et   al. Identifying the Timing of Controlled Islanding Using a Controlling UEP   based Method[J]. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2018, vol. 33, issue 6, 5913-5922.

2. Mostafa Kheshti, Lei Ding,   Shicong Ma and Bing Zhao. Double weighted particle swarm optimization to   non-convex wind penetrated emission/economic dispatch and multiple fuel   option systems,Renewable Energy, 2018, vol. 125, issue C, 1021-1037.

3. Lei Ding, Zhenbin Ma,   Peter Wall, Vladimir Terzija, Graph Spectra Based Controlled Islanding for Low Inertia Power Systems,   IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery,   vol. 32(1), pp.302-309, Feb, 2017.

4. Lei Ding, Yichen Guo,   Peter Wall, Performance and Suitability Assessment of Controlled Islanding Methods for Online WAMPAC   Application, International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, vol. 84, pp. 252-260, Jan,   2017.

5. Arun Phadke, Peter Wall,   Lei Ding, Vladimir Terzija, Improving the Performance of Power System   Protection Using Wide Area Monitoring   Systems, Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy, vol.4, pp.319-331, July, 2016.

6. Lei Ding, Peter Wall, Vladimir Terzija, “Constrained   spectral clustering based controlled islanding,” International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems,   vol. 63, pp. 687-694, Dec, 2014.

7. Jairo Quirós-Tortós, Peter   Wall, Lei Ding, VladimirTerzija,   Determination of sectionalising strategies for parallel power system restoration: A spectral   clustering-based methodology, Electrical Power Systems Research, vol. 116, pp. 381-390, Nov, 2014.

8. L. Ding, F. Gonzalez-Longatt, P. Wall, V. Terzija,   Closure to Discussion on “Two-step spectral clustering controlled islanding algorithm,” IEEE Trans. on   Power Syst., vol. 29, no. 1 pp.   413-414, Jan, 2014.

9. L. Ding, F. Gonzalez-Longatt, P. Wall, V. Terzija,   “Two-step spectral clustering controlled islanding algorithm,” IEEE Trans. on Power Syst., vol. 28,   no. 1 pp. 75-84, Feb, 2013.



1. Research on Transient   Voltage/Frequency Support of Wind Turbines during Fault Conditions of the   Power System, 2018-2021, National Key R&D Program of China 2018YFB0904004

2. Research on Controlled   Islanding Based on Transient Stability Analysis and Group Property of   Islanding Strategies, 2015-2018, NSFC Project 51477093

3. Spectral Clustering Based   Power System Controlled Islanding, 2012-2014, NSFC Project 51107071

Projects   involved:

1. The Real - time Frequency-based   Corrective Control of Future Networks (Frecon), EPSRC Project EP/G055211/1

2. Fault travelling wave theory   and its application in power system fault detection, Key Program of National Natural   Science Foundation of China

3. Research on System Protection based on   Local Information, NSFC Project of International Cooperation

4. Research on improving   transmission capacity of EHVAC transmission lines, a sub-project of 973 program,   Basic research on improving   operation reliability of large interconnected power grid

5. Wide area protection system research   based on "three lines of defense", NSFC Project

Academic types

Academic and   Professional


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